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Q: Does Big Time Rush have Club Penguin?
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What are big time rush's club penguin names?

Kendall's is Pengyman73 on Btr They posted it on Facebook!

Do big time rush still use there club penguin account?

No. They are busy making and coming up with ideas for their show.

How do you grow big in Club Penguin?

There is no way you can "grow big" in Club Penguin

Where is the time button in Club Penguin?

Club Penguin ResourcesThere is no time button on Club Penguin, but there is a big clock with a target on top of it. If this is what you're talking about, it is at the Snow Forts. If you need any more help, add laurlaur1111 on Club Penguin. Thanks!

How do you create Big Time Rush fan club?

hi my name is jessica esteves i am going to make up a big time rush fan club so if you are a fan of big time rush and love them so much. call me to be in the big tie rush club starring jessica esteves in the fan club. You can be any age to call me. so hurry if you want to be apart of the big time rush club call me at 512-745-2307. i will promise you that's my real number. thank you and have a nice day ya'll. Oh and by the way if you call me i will give you information on big time rush and myself.

Why is the club on under maintenance?

their adding big time rush games

Can you be big on Club Penguin?

yes you can ONLY you get penguin storm 6.1 then you press edit when you are on club penguin then it says size you press BIG SMALL ENORMOUS

On Club Penguin is there a penguin named 1 big sister?


What Are Some Games better than club penguin some that are not that big and kinda unknown?

club penguin

What is the big fish in club penguin?

The Mullet.

Where does Big Time Rush buys their clothes?

were does big time rush get thei cloths and were do big time rush live

What two songs are sung on Big Time Rush?

Big time rush sings Famous and Big time rush

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