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Q: Does Bret harte middle school have free dress?
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When was Bret Harte Union High School created?

Bret Harte Union High School was created in 1905.

What school did Bret Harte go to?

The school Bret Harte went to was never named. He finished his formal education when he was just 13 years old.

Is Bret Harte a naturalist or realist?

Bret Harte is a realist.

What high school did Tom Hank go to?

Tom Hanks attended Bret Harte Junior High School in Oakland

What is the birth name of Bret Harte?

Bret Hart's birth name is Bret Sergeant Hart.

What is Bret Harte's birthday?

Bret Harte was born on August 25, 1836.

Bret Harte Middle School?

Bret Harte is the biggest middle school in Oakland, California with many gangster wannabes, etc. They will jump you hard if you get into their business and if you decide to mess with anyone. If you are new, let me give you a hint on something. You will regret going there because they have about twenty fights a day and they will rip you out. So don't attend. One of the biggest biatches there is Min. Qu.

What local color writers wrote about the American west?

Bret Harte

How old was Bret Harte at death?

Bret Harte died on May 6, 1902 at the age of 65.

What junior high school did patrice rushen attend?

Locke High School, in Los Angeles ( the hood)

What is the phone number of the Bret Harte Branch Library in Long Beach?

The phone number of the Bret Harte Branch Library is: 562-570-1044.

What is the subject matter of Bret Harte's stories?