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Q: Does Cancer Research UK get money from pharmaceutical companies?
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How much money is spent on pharmaceutical marketing in Canada?

There is much controversy in pharmaceutical companies and their marketing. Many spend more on advertising than they do dollars for research. In 2004, pharmaceutical companies invested over $1.7 billion in advertising in Canada alone.

How do pharmaceutical companies make money?

When pharmaceutical companies develop a new drug that markets well, they make money from selling said drug.

Why should you donate money to cancer?

You're not donating money to cancer, you're donating to cancer research. You should because, as of now, there is no cure to cancer and we need money for research to come up with a solution to cancer.

Where can you donate money to cancer research?

where can you donate money to cancer resaerch

What are the negative effects of national health care?

Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies will not make as much money!

How reputable is American institute of cancer research?

I have been called by American Institute for Cancer Research to collect money from my neighbors for them. Does money actually go for research? Is it legitimate?

How does cancer research raise money?

Cancer research raises money by having people use the internet wich gives them money, also when people research they start feeling sorry for them so they wanna give them money or help them to get money

What Organization has raised the most money for cancer research?

Jimmy V foundation for Cancer Research has raised the most money.....BY FAR

What does a Cancer Research Charity serve in the society?

Cancer research charities use money raised to fund research programs that are looking for ways to cure cancer. This means the money donated would go to pay for research materials and lab fees.

Which of these is not an example of community?

an individual who is raising money for cancer research.

How much money did terry fox raise for cancer research?

He raised about $500 million dollar by his name for cancer research.

Is there a patron for cancer research?

there a lot of celebrities trying to help cancer research raise money , though there isn't and individual for this.

How much money is spent on cancer research yearly?

The National Cancer Institute receives roughly $4. 8 billion per year to put towards cancer research. The money is spent on equipment and medicine.

Is it cynical to believe that a cure for cancer already exist and it is not being given to the public because the research companies keep on wanting to make money?

Cynical? No. Naive? Probably.

What do they do with all the money you give for cancer?

They use it for research.

How much money did the pharmaceutical companies make last year?

I heard somewhere around 600billion a year

Why you do fun run for breast cancer?

to raise money for cancer research, also in memory of a loved one who has suffered from cancer

How much money is spent on cancer research?

5 to 6 billion a year on just research

How much money did cancer research raise in 2007?


Where do cancer research get their money from?

fundraisers eg race for life

Where does the cancer research money go?

It helps researchers funds into finding a cure to help cure cancer.

How much money does the komen foundation invest in breast cancer research?

komen foundation invest up to 2 billion dollars in breast cancer research

Where does relay for life cancer money go?

relay for life donates all of the money that is raised to the American Cancer Society. The money then supports cancer research, educational, preventatives, survivor services and advocacy issues :)

How can you support cancer research?

You can support cancer research by donating or helping to raise money to fund it. You can also support it by spreading the word to others so that more people are aware of the importance of the research.

Can fixed and variable cost be applied to pharmaceutical companies?

Fixed cost would be the absolutely huge amount of money companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson spend on research and development is all fixed cost because no matter how much of the product the sell, it will not change based on the amount of a particular drug you sell.Variable cost are relatively low for the pharmaceutical industry mostly because the cost for raw materials needed to create the drug is low.