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Ok so in these commercials it has been said that chad asks Sonny out!!!

She is supposedly asking about the next episode of Mackenzie Falls, and it is hinted her and her mom love that show since it showed in a commercial they were really excited while watching TV, and it fits pretty perfectly with this dialogue.

Here's the dialogue:


(after saying a bunch of stuff about sonny being a tennis judge..?) Chad: So what'd you want?

Sonny: Some answers!!

Chad: To what?

Sonny: To how it all ends! To how long it's gonna be until you ask the girl you're destined to be with!

Chad: (looking confused) I'm not sure i can answer that..?

Sonny: Aren't you in charge of your own destiny?

Chad: ...Uh I guess?

Sonny: Well, Then it's time to say enough!! I mean when two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do!

Chad: (Looking super excited inside) How long have you felt this way?

Sonny: Just since yesterday. It hasn't been long but it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Chad: I mean, I guess i feel the same way.

Sonny: Well then do something about it!

Chad: Ok I will.

Sonny: Great!

Chad: Sonny will you go out with me?

(Sonny makes a shocked face)

Sonny: Did you just ask me out?

Chad: Didn't you just beg me to?

Sonny: Wait, did you think I was talking about-- Oh dear, this is awkward..

Wow once you think about it this really is super awkward!!

and its so cute cause chad looks so excited when she says, "when two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do!" haha!

BUT WAIT-- THERE'S MORE! here's the actual scene in this youtube vid!!

That's where i got my dialogue! BUT DONT MISS THE PREMIERE!

Episode premiers Sunday 8/7 central 06-13-2010!!!

can't wait!

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Q: Does Chad ever ask out Sonny in Sonny With a Chance?
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What is episode 15 of Sonny With a Chance about?

sonny gets a gift that almost recks nico and grady friendship,and sonny ask chad for help to figure out who sent the gift but it was chad all along

Will Grady ask Sonny out?

No because in sonny with a chance Sonny is going out with Chad! If you go on Blinkx tv you can watch new episodes of Sonny with a chance that aren't even on in the UK yet such as Falling for the falls and sonny with a secret! It's actually really good xx

Sonny With a Chance episode 21?

ok so this episode of sonny with a chance was going to be the last episode but its not anymore its about when tawni and sonny guest star on " Gotcha with Gilroy Smith" and get to re-live moments of "So Random". When Chad is brought out as a surprise guest the girls must face a dunk tank if they tell a lie and Tawni tells a lie about Sonny and Chad that shocks them all! ok ask my more sonny with a chance questions every Sunday because i get to watch early episodes so ask more ok!

What is falling for the falls about of Sonny With a Chance?

Chad and Sonny is falling in love. that is why they call it falling for the falls. There r 2 parts part 1 is when sonny was starting to watch the falls and the so random crew finds out. in one part sonny was talking about a part about Chloe and Chad, but chad thought he meant real life so he ask Sonny out on a date.( so random crew found out that Sonny loved the falls, but they watch it too.) part 2 simple. Chad and Sonny goes on a date and he's nervous so he drinks too much water and accidentally throws up on Sonny hope that helps. (\ /) ( ' . ' ) (Bunny) Sonny + Chad = love forever?

How is chad in Sonny With a Chance?

Chad Dylan Cooper is the MAIN antagonist (enemy), he both hates and loves Sonny.He works as an actor in MacKenzie Falls, he critizes that Chuckle City members (So Random! members) are not real actors. He tries to convince Sonny to join him at MacKenzie Falls.Chad is described as a teenage heartthrob who calls himself the greatest actor of our generation. he is also known as a puppy shover because of an interview with tween weekly, a tween tabloid. chad sort of 'changed his ways' once sonny showed up. chad appears to love/hate sonny. chad seems to pretend to be enemies with sonny so he could cover up his feelings for her. it is now proven that chad will ask sonny out in a future episode in January 2010. this is what a promo says...voice over- Chad has a new crush?go to chad and sonny talkingchad- sonny will you go out with me?Sonny- oh dear, this is awkward

Does Sonny and chad like each other on Sonny With a Chance?

sonny and chad do like each other in sonny with a chance, but they never say they do. They do little things like making signs. In the episode guess who's coming to guess star, chad says we'll fall in love when he meant to say that sonny will fall in love with him. In two episodes he takes her on fake dates. In sonny so far they tell each other their feelings but you don't get to see it because Tawni turns off the TV. They do so much of that sort of stuff that I'll be here all day if I keep typing. I hope you get the idea.It is now proven as of Christmas in 2009 that chad will ask out sonny because as a reward in the new years star showdown voting every week they gave you a bonus video. it is a promo for a Sunday night in 2010 (January 10). in the promo the voice over says "Chad has a new crush?" then chad says "sonny will you go out with me" then sonny says "Oh dear, this akward". So chad likes sonny and asked her out.

What is Sonny With a Chance episode 19 about?

Its about Mandy who left when sonny joined who then comes back to so random to visit on vacation and finds out she has been replaced by sonny. She gets jeleous when she sees that everyone likes sonny and tries to copy her. Sonny doesent know and thinks she is a exact copy of her and that she might re-join. Everyone then ignores sonny and starts hanging out with Mandy wich makes her really upset. Then on the same day chad (who is like always taking the long way to meckenzie falls so he can see sonny) "co-incedently" bumps into sonny and ask her what is wrong. Sonny tells him on the way to her dressing room and chad relaxes her. He comforts her and tells her that no one could ever replace her. They then nearly kiss until tawni walks in to ask sonny if she wants to join them.

How Will chad ask Sonny to date him?

i think he asks her in season 2 called falling for the falls

Does sonny and Chad ever get together?

ok so i am like the ultimate channy fan and so i know EXACTLY whats will go on with channy i have been searching for the answer to this question ever since sonny and chad were introduced and i have FINALLY found an answer YES YES YES YES YES YES YES they will date in season 2 they begin in episode 1 of season 2 thay dont kiss in the first episode though :( but they do start to go out :) which is better than nothing dont believe me read the script here ENJOY!!!!! you can also see chad ask sonny out in a vid in this link (u probably have already seen it) so ya hope this helped ~ I ♥ Animals

Sonny With a Chance episode falling for the falls mean?

Sonny With a Chance Falling For the Falls is really exciting. At first it is really confusing to understand but, when it get later into part 1 you will be jumping up and down with excitement! Sorry, i don't have a script but all i can summarize for you is part 1 of the epesode...(there are 2 parts.) Chad is hosting a tennis tournament like He does every year, he asks sonny to judge. Sonny agrees. Later sonny explains how she is upset how they don't go out... referring to Mac and Chloe so Chad asks her out. They both say how awkward this is but Sonny agrees anyway. Later Sonny cancels the date. Chad is really upset. Soon Sonny decides that she WILL go on a date with him. THAT PART ONE!

Sonny With a Chance season 2 'falling for the falls'?

Sonny comes home one night and her mom is watching Mackenzie falls and she and her mom become obessed with it (thats kinda the side story i guess). when sonny goes to ask chad about what happens at the end of it he thinks that shes talking about their relationship and asks her out(stupid chad lol) They try to keep their dating a secret and it ends up becoming a mess here read the script: it's pretty funny at the end. can't wait to see it

What happens in episode season 2 episode 10 Sonny With a Chance?

FALLING FOR THE FALLS PART 1- Sonny's mum is obsessed with the falls and soon she gets sonny addicted to it to. sonny is desperate for Mackenzie to ask Chloe out so she goes to the falls to talk to chad and she tells him what she thinks but he thinks shes talking about them..... so he asks her out. sonny feels awkward and tells him that she was talking about the show but she says yes to going on that date and she is going to host his tennis tournament while the rest of so random and the falls have no idea there dating. there is also a part 2 of this Part 2: Sonny goes back to chad and calls the date of the the So random crew says it wouold be silly if they were dating (Still not knowing they are) Sonny is upset because chad doesnt seem to care that much Part 3: Chad goes to sonnys house and gives her flowers, a picture and I think chocolates. The So randoms come to Sonnys house and talk to her. After they convince them that chad is there because hes giving sonny information about a tennis thing, they leave and chad sets up another date.