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Sonny with a Chance was a TV Show that aired on the U.S. Disney Channel that starred Sonny, Tawni, Chad, Zora and others going through their regular lives while they also starred in their own TV show which was titled "So Random."

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Sonny with a Chance

Why did they change Sonny With a Chance to so random?

Because "Sonny" a.k.a Demi Lovato is not on Sonny With a Chance

Sonny with a Chance

When is the next Sonny With a Chance coming out?

The comedy show "Sonny with a Chance" was cancled last year.

Sonny with a Chance

What is Sonny With a Chance tony clothes style?

sense of humor of course!

Sonny with a Chance

Are Sonny and Chad going to go back together?

They are because they kissed at the end and became boyfriend and girlfriend again

Although I'm not so sure anymore. Everyone kept saying that they would get back together in the episode "New Girl" but they didn't. It's ovious (in the episode "New Girl") that both chad AND sonny both have feelings for each other so it's a possibility. It's good they're making a season 4 so there is a chance they could get back together. God, I sure hope so. The show is NOTHING without them together. :)

Sonny with a Chance

When is Sonny With a Chance season 3 airing?


Sonny with a Chance

Will Sonny With a Chance will ever come back?

yes, she will

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When is Master Chef season 2 starting?

FOX has announced that Master Chef season 2 will be returning June 6, 2011.

Sonny with a Chance

What is the episode Sonny with a Grant about on Sonny With a Chance?

Chad gets greedy so Marshall fires him and Grady's brother, Grant, becomes Mackenzie!

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When is Dave Chappelle returning to his television show?

Sonny with a Chance

Where can you find Sonny With a Chance episode 17?

They don't play it on tv anymore but on youtube they have almost every Sonny with a Chance episode (full in HD).

Sonny with a Chance

What is the air date Sonny and chad kiss on Sonny With a Chance?

I think its on Friday the 15th of october but i might be wrong :-)

Sonny with a Chance

Is there a seasin 3 on Sonny With a Chance on 2012?

no because demi lovato does'nt want to act singing is her passion but the characters of sunny with a chance have a new show so randomi'm thinking she'll might sing sing on it

Sonny with a Chance

Can you get sonny's ringtone on Sonny With a Chance?

the song is called so far so great and you can get it as a ringtone as you can buy on itunes and stuff

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In the story Sonny's Blues why did the narrator speak to Sonny's childhood friend?

I think that the narrator spoke to Sonny's friend to understand what was going on in Sonny's life. It gave him another perspective to look from when he was trying to comprehend why Sonny did the things he did and why he took drugs.

Sonny with a Chance

What is 'tween choice' about in Sonny With a Chance?

They are at the tween choice awards. mack falls and the randoms are neck and neck for the best tv show award (or something like that), and i don't know who wins but chad and sonny win the best couple award and they end up kissing at the end of the show.

Actually, So Random and MacKenzie Falls , are neck neck for best tween show. So Random wins and this is tearing apart Sonny and Chad, so chad get's a recount for the votes ( thinking this will help there relationship) and then MacKenzie Falls wins and he tells sonny that when they break up . HERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF THE SCRIPT!

Chad:So I was thinking about what you said.About how I was letting So Random's win get between us.And I wantes to fix that.

Sonny:See?I knew you'd get past this.

C:I did.And you know how?By getting to the truth.

S:I'm so proud of you.

C:Well you're really gonna be proud of this--I ordered a recount of the votes for best Tween Show.

S:You did what?

C:I ordered a recount!And great news So Random lost!

S:I can't believe this.

C:That you lost?You'll get used to it.I did.

S:No you didn't,you ordered a recount.Why would you even do that?

C:Because you felt weird about winning,and I felt bad about losing.Now neither of us have to feel weird anymore.And yet,you have very weird look on your face.

S:It's called dissapointment Chad.You were so miserable not being the center of attention for one day that you actually went out and got a recount.

C:I just wanted things to get normal.

S:Normal?This isn't normal.Boyfriends and Girlfriends are supposed to support each other.Root for each other.I can't be in a relationship with someone who always has to put himself firrst.

C:I did it for us.

S:There is no "us".I don't even know if there ever was.


S:Here.I think you two will be very happy together.

Chad:Are you breaking up with me?I thought I was helping!

Sonny:And that's the worst part about it!Goodbye Chad!

Chad:Sonny I--

Sonny:Please,just go!


Sonny:There's no second chances this time.You won the recount,but you lost me.

BUT , then Sonny and Chad have to present the award and are later nominated for cutest couple , which they win and end up kissing on stage!! They kiss befor So Random wins

I have the revised script: They don't get nominated for any "Best Couple" Award. So Random wins, Chad is upset about it so he orders a recount. He tells Sonny in the Prop House, and they break up in the Prop House. Okay? No fakeup.

okay this is really what happens. So Random wins but chad is so upset about it but sonny was telling him that it was okay and nobody was gonna make a big deal of it. but then a bunch of reporters came and ignored chad but ask sonny a bunch of questions and crowed her. then she gets back to chad and tells him that the reporters always do things like that but then they were taking down Chad's photos he hangs up and started to put sonny photo's. but later on chad tells sonny that so random did lose after all then sonny broke up with him and now the so random cast is making her feel better. Airs December 19 2010!

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Why doesn't Disney Channel show reruns of That's So Raven and other shows?

they do just some ones but at like 3 in morning most of the time

Sonny with a Chance

What is Niko's real name off of Sonny With a Chance?

Brandom Michael Smith

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Is Sonny barger dead?

Sonny Barger is not dead.Sonny Barger is very much alive and visits in Nevada annually. He is a legend indeed, my ex used to work in the Oakland service station down the streethat knt from Sonny's first bike shop.

I was advised on Nov. 1st 2010 that Sonny had died in Oct.2010. Apparently this is not true. I have older friends that are acquainted w/ Sonny and they also report this to be untrue. Answers are welcome.

Sonny with a Chance

Will there be anymore episodes of Sonny With a Chance?

No the show h as officially ended but was followed by a series called So Random!

Sonny with a Chance

When is the next Sonny With a Chance episode coming out?

You have to watch the ads on Disney Channel and sometimes it will tell you when the next episode will be on.

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Will JBL's cabinet ever break up?

Yes, of course. All stables break up sooner or later. Yep, I would not be suprises if it starts now, probably they will all start to lose whatever titles they have, people will start accidentally costing each other matches, and probably end up costing JBL a title shot, and then have a feud. most likely. remember on smackdown when the bashams said they were getting really sick of doing JBL's dirty work. which is good because hell never get the title back without his cabinet. he sucks. Orlando is said 2 loose his title and blame it on the bashams because they weren't doin their jobs propaly. The bashams will quit and one of them will go to raw yes they all ready did The Bashams are no longer with "The Cabinet". And JBL and Orlando are both title-less. Many believed that after they would lose their titles then the cabinet would break apart. And the way things are going with JBL treating Orlando the way he does is the same way Triple H treated Batista before he left. So don't be too suprised if "The Cabinet" breaks up in a short while. Mr. Hounderz

Sonny with a Chance

What happens in Sonny with a Chioce for Sonny With a Chance season 2?

Waiting for the winner of the TV show award, it is announced that So Random! have won it, and beaten MacKenzie Falls. Chad obviously doesn't like it, so he orders a recount, to find that Mackenzie Falls actually wins. Sonny cannot believe Chad couldn't let her have a moment in the spotlight because MacKenzie Falls has always beaten So Random!

She decides to break up with him as he doesn't like the feeling of losing, though she tries to tell him So Random! have always lost every year to them.

At the break up I quote:

You won the recount, but you lost me...

Following that, the season 2 finale New Girl comes. Sadly Chad & Sonny do not get back together, but Sonny admits she still has feelings for him in a song, but she doesn't know it.

Sonny with a Chance

What happened to Sonny Munroe's dad on Sonny With a Chance?

He died.

Sonny with a Chance

Where can you watch episode 17 of Sonny With a Chance?

on Disney channel or or another on it

Sonny with a Chance

Is Glendovia a real country?

No. It's just a made up country from Sonny with a chance.

- Julia :)


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