Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Does Cole Sprouse have a girl friend?

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Does Cole Sprouse have girl friend?

Cole Sprouse Girlfriend is celia Bates! <3

Does Cole Sprouse like someone?

He does probably, but whoever that girl is, she sure is lucky to be liked by cole sprouse. I know lucky girl from lovelovecole

Does Dylan Sprouse have a best friend?

Dylans best friend is his brother Cole.

Cole Sprouse love Debby Ryan?

Debby loves Cole as an actor friend

Is deby Ryan have a boy friend?

She is dating Cole Sprouse

What qualities would Dylan and Cole Sprouse look for in a girl?

I was on youtube and Dylan Sprouse said Cole likes girl with braces. I'm not totally sure though.

Why is cole sprous cute?

their hot cuz when they were born their mother said that they were so cute they made a show so Dylan and cole sprouse had a girl friend!!!!!! BYE

Does Cole like Selena gomez?

Cole Sprouse does like Selena Gomez, but only as friend!

Did Jake T Austin ever hang out with Dylon and Cole Sprouse?

he got in a fight with Dylan and Dylan punched his girl friend

Who was Cole Sprouse first kiss?

this girl named Isabella

Who oes Cole Sprouse love?

Cole Sprouse doesn't love anyone, but rumor has it he is dating a girl named Celia Sanchez. She lives in "The Woodlands

Did Cole Sprouse kiss a girl?

yes he kissed the girl ( Debby Ryan ) or anther girl

Does Cole Sprouse has a girl friend?

yes her name is allanah (sorry about that) she is 17 her birthday is the 5 august last year cole baught her a island called coleluvsme they have had sex thanks

Is it true cole sprouse is gay?

no! cole sprouse is not gay (:

What are Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse Full name?

cole mitchell sprouse and Dylan thomas sprouse

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse going out with the same girl?

ok now Dylan sprouse go out with Stella hugdens vanessa hudgens sistercole sprouse dosent have a girlfriend he likes Selena Gomez.

Did Cole Sprouse kissed a girl?

yes he kissed lots of girls

What colour hair are sprouse twins into for a girl?

i know that Dylan sprouse likes brunettes but im not sure about cole

What are Dylan and Cole Sprouse middle names?

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Who is older Cole Sprouse or Debby Ryan?

Cole Sprouse. Cole Sprouse b. 1992 Debby Ryan b. 1993

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse has a blackberry?

No, Dylan and Cole Sprouse do not have a Blackberry.

How tall is Cole Sprouse at 2011?

i think Cole Sprouse is170cm.

What is the birth name of Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse's birth name is Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

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