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Does Concerta 54mg give you gas?

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my child is on 54mg of concerta XL and ao it dose not effect him in any diffent way.

2011-09-12 23:00:45
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What is largest dose of Concerta?


How many dozes of Concerta is efficient?

i take one dose of 54mg a day.

What is the price of Concerta 54mg?

182,62 $ for 30pills on a farmacy. 8- 13$ per pill on street.

How expensive are Concerta pills?

My 30 day supply of 54mg concerta and 20mg Ritalin was a total of $25 with insurance. I'm not sure what the break down of each was. Hope that is at least a little helpful.

Is it safe to take Vyvanse and Concerta?

i have taken two 30 mg vyvanse i waited about 7 hours in between . I was wondering if i toom a 54mg concerta if it would be ok...any answers would help..thanks

What does Concerta look like?

I only know what the 18mg tablets look like...they are yellow and say "alza 18" on them. I believe the 54mg tablets are red.

How long would it take 4 54mg adderalls to wear off?

There is no such thing as 54mg tablets or capsules of Adderall. There is 54mg capsules of Concerta, another common ADHD medication, which would wear off anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on the person. 4 of them is most likely too many and could potentially be toxic depending on the person as well.

What can 108mg of Concerta do for 115 lbs girl do?

its fineim 100lbs and i take 2 54mg sometimes even though im only supposed to take one

Is three 54mg Concerta a safe dosage?

Nope. No reason someone should be on that much unless they have narcolepsy. You won't die from it or anything but that is still probably too much.

Will Concerta dilate your eyes?

I can't say really if it does dilate your eyes cause this morning my girl friend gave me one of her 54mg concerta, it was great, I was speeding all day at school. I got curious and went to the restroom to check and as it turned out no it didn't dilate my eyes

Is it safe to take 40mg of adderall and klonapin 2mg?

I take 40mg of adderall or 54mg of concerta everyday and use klonapin to put me to sleep every night. Been doing this for about a month with no issues.

Will Concerta get you high?

yes just like an allderall, its kinda a newer Ritalin like pill i have the 54mg ones and 2 does me just fine and 3 puts me on top of the world, ER btw

How much Concerta does it take to overdose?

Concerta is sold in 18mg, 36mg and 54mg doses and all of them are efficient slowly, with a progressive liberation. So it is quite impossible to go to overdose, except maybe if taking 20 doses . In that case it seems evident that heart diseases may come somes hours later

What happens when you swallow a 54mg of Concerta and smoke weed?

Well I recently got re- prescribed concerta after being off it for a few years. I smoke weed once in a blue moon and let me tell you this! For me, presonally, weed and concerta are amazing!! That first time I smoked while on concerta my brain went nuts. I had a ridiculous urge to start learning things, I also Discovered I had a hidden talent for drawing haha my motivation and interest in everyday life increased amazingly But yeah to be honest with you I find that weed makes the concerta work in ways you just have to experience for yourself.

What do you do when Concerta causes difficulty to sleep?

I give my son 3mg of melatonine, apparently the COncerta affects the production of Melatonine in the body

Is 54 mg of Concerta to much to start out with?

Nope, that's what I was prescribed originally... With a 10mg Ritalin "booster." Yes 54mg of Concerta is too much for the initial dose. Over 6 years the recommended initial dose is 18mg once daily in the morning, increased if necessary in weekly steps of 18mg according to response to a maximum dose of 54mg daily. So you have been prescribed the maximum daily dose starting off. Starting on a lower strength would be more advisable in my opinion. Pharmacist in training Reference from BNF 56 Sept 2008

What is the mg usually perscribed for a 127lb adult femaleon Concerta?

Although weight does play a part in the dosage prescribed it is not a huge influence, a woman weighing 127 pounds would usually get prescribed a dose of 18/27mg, however if the symptoms were more severe for whatever condition concerta is taken for then the dose may be in the upper limit of 36/54mg

Whats the strongest dose of Concerta?

Concerta's highest strength tablet available is 54mg. The actual maximum dose that a person (age 13-17) might be prescribed by a physician is 72 mg/day (not to exceed 2mg/kg/day).

Is Concerta the same as Ritalin?

concerta and Ritalin are the same chemical (methylphenidate) the difference is that concertia is designed to last 12 hours and comes in different dosages (18, 27, 54mg) whereas Ritalin is usually instant release and comes in 10 or 20mg, the only difference is that one lasts longer than the other. While many people believe that concerta is 'unabusable', this is a totally wrong impression. Concerta is listed as a Class 2 controlled drug because it is indeed addictive. Children and adults have developed dependency to this drug. Giving or selling it to someone without a prescription is a criminal violation like giving or selling them cocaine. The effects of concerta and cocaine are similar even one is an amphetamine and the other a narcotic.

Will Concerta show up on illegal drug tests?

YES, Concerta or extended release Ritalin (methylphenidate) can and will give positive test for amphetamine/methamphetamine for the period up to 36 hours.

How much caffeine is in one can of diet Mountain Dew?


Concerta and alcohol?

how does concerta help kids with ADHD

Does Concerta cause low blood pressure?

No; Concerta is methylphenidate which is a stimulant. Concerta should raise blood pressure.

Can you mail Concerta to someone?

can u mail concerta overnight

Can you take more than two 54mg Concertas in a day?

well saying that im am prescribed to take 3x 54mg ER once a day id say yes. But saying that if you have never takin it before then no.