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Q: Does Copenhagen have trace THC
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Can THC be traced in poop?

trace amounts, yes

Do you pee out marijuana?

no you do not but after you smoke and pee you will have trace amounts of thc in your urin for about a month

What name is given to the criteria established to determine whether a country can join the EU?

The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.

How long does it take THC to get completely out of your body?

30 days. Fat cells will retain the THC for one time heavy use, leaving trace evidence of use for 3-10 days. For use at least 5 days a week or more the THC will remain up to 30 days in the human body for 50 Nano-grams of trace THC evidence use using a urine sample; hair samples can show use for 120 days. If properly done 21 days can meet the 50 Nano-gram urine sample test measure. THC is not water based; therefore burning of fat will 'reject' THC. This process normally takes 30 days.

Does everyone have a trace of THC in their body?

No, everyone has canniboid receptors in their brain. Canniboids are only found in the plant called cannabis AKA marijuana.

What is a copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. You cannot say "a Copenhagen".

Will inhaling marijuana second hand through the nose make you fail a drug test?

No. Breathing in tokes 2nd hand will only leave trace amounts of THC. When a drug test is performed, there is a minimal amount of THC that the doctor (whoever it may be) is looking for.

Distance from Copenhagen to Denmark?

Copenhagen is IN denmark! Copenhagen is the capital city of denmark

Is Copenhagen in Sweden?

No. Copenhagen is in Denmark.

What is Copenhagen cake?

A cake from copenhagen.

Where was the horse Copenhagen buried?


Was Copenhagen in France?

No, Copenhagen was and is in Denmark.

Does poppy seeds contain THC?

yes they do indeed. A new discovery in the medical field has shown us that there are trace amounts of THC in some yet not all poppy seeds. I am a med student studying in pharmaceutical field. Despite the many misconceptions saying otherwise i assure you (through years of research) it is proven that poppy seeds can contain THC.

In which country is Copenhagen in?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.

Is Copenhagen in Denmark?

Yes it is!!!Copenhagen is the capital.

What is the ticker symbol for Copenhagen?

Copenhagen co

What are the towns in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a city in itself.

In what country is Copenhagen in?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark

When was Copenhagen created?

Copenhagen was created in 10##.

What is the distance between Copenhagen and nordhavn?

nordhavn is an area in Copenhagen. it depends what part of Copenhagen city you are in.

What is the main international airport in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Kastrup is the main international airportserving Copenhagen

What does marijuana have in it?

Marijuana has something called THC in it. THC stands for tetrahydrocaniibinol. The cannabis plants contain about 400 compounds, sixty of which are called cannabinoids. These sixty compounds are considered to have medicinal effects, although most of them are found in only trace amounts. The most prominent and well known cannabinoid is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Another prominent compound is cannabidiol (CBD). THC is psychoactive (that means it affects your mind and your mood). CBD is not psychoactive. Different strains of Cannabis plants have different effects based on the different amounts of THC and CBD that they contain.

In which country is the mermaid of Copenhagen?

The mermaid of Copenhagen in DENMARK

What is the biggest river in Copenhagen?

There are no rivers in the city of Copenhagen...

Is Denmark the capital of Copenhagen?

No - Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark !