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Don't be stupd, none of them wear wigs. You would have been able to tell by now, and I know for a fact anyway.

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If Danny McFly really wear a wig what's the reason?

As of 2009, Danny Jones of McFly does not wear a wig. However, he is very self-conscious about the increasing bald spot in the middle of his head which is probably where this rumor stemmed from.

Does Pat Sajak wear a wig?

no pat does not wear a wig

Does regis philbin wear a wig?

Does he wear a wig

Do kids in pageants have to wear a wig?

No they don't always have to wear a wig

Why does Jessie j wear a wig?

Jessie J does not wear a wig.

Does Keith Urban wear a wig?

mind your own business and , NO , he does not wear a wig..!!

Does Alexandra Burke wear a wig?

Molly doesn't wear a wig her hair is natural!

Did Lauren holley wear a wig on NCIS?

Lauren Holly did not wear a wig on NCIS.

Did Abraham Lincoln wear a wig?

No it was his real hair but he did wear a wig on special occasions.

Does Justin Bieber wear a wig?

No, Justin Bieber does not wear a wig. He wears his own hair.

Does Robert pattinson wear a wig in new moon in twilight?

No he doesn't wear a wig in Twilight.

Does tameka empson wear a wig in Eastenders?

does tameka empson wear a wig in east enders

If she was real would Courtney from total drama island wear a wig?

um no. she doesn't wear a wig in total drama island why would she wear a wig in real life?

Should you shave your hair before you wear a wig?

You don't need to shave your head before you wear a wig. Many wear a close-fitting cap to contain their hair under a wig. In any case, a wig will be warm.

Does Joseph Mascolo wear a wig?

It certainly appears to be a wig.

Does Queen Elizibeth the second wear a wig?

no queen Elizibeth the second does not wear a wig from oliver stone

Does Ron Wood wear a wig?

(surprisingly) no, ron wood does NOT wear a wig. neither does mick jagger.

Did Alexander Hamilton wear a wig?

yes he did wear a wig like most people in the 1700s-1800s

Does Hannah Montana wear a wig?

Yes. She wears a blonde wig.

Does Chuck Norris wear a wig?

no. the wig wears chuck Norris

Does beyonce wear a wig?

Yes. She has her own wig collection too.

Did Steve Harvey wear a wig?

Hell yeah he wore a wig!

Does tyra banks wear a wig?

NO! Tyra does not wear a wig whats so ever she has natural straight hair!

Why did Mozart wear a wig?

It was fashionable in those days to wear a wig. search other people from that time and you will see

Does Taylor swift wear a wig?

Believe it or not,she does NOT wear a wig.The only time she wore a wig was at the VMA Awards!