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McFly are a British boy band that started in 2003. They consist of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. This category contains questions relating to lives and music, including their six-part documentary 'McFly on the Wall.'

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Kendall Schmidt
McFly (band)

What is mcfly's new album called?

above the noise?

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Paul McCartney
McFly (band)

How many number one hits did the Beatles have?

20 #1's in the US

17 #1's in the UK

NOTE - The Beatles album "1" is a compilation of all Beatles songs that made it to Number 1 in either the UK or the USA, a total of 27 tracks.

McFly (band)

Will Mcfly have a tour in 2010?

id presum so =) really hope so..check out official site..

McFly (band)

What does Danny Jones tattoo Say?

It says Good Effoot

McFly (band)

Mcfly live in northwood?

yes mcfly lives in north wood

McFly (band)

Where does Danny Trejo live?

Newport Beach California

McFly (band)

What is the scar on Harry Judd's head?

It is indeed a scar. Harry Judd's scar was obtained when he walked into a window while he was young.

McFly (band)

Who originally sang you've got a friend covered by McFly?

James Taylor.

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McFly (band)

Are there any famous sociopaths?

Answer: Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Rebekah Brooks...

Many. They shaped our history... Also many other sociopaths I have lived with one and easily recognize them.. OJ Simpson and John Edwards and more so John Edwards!

The term used to be psychopath but this was misrepresented by mass media so psychologists changed the term to sociopath, which means the same thing. Since then the media has misrepresented this condition again to imply everyone with this personality is a murderer, so it has since been renamed again to "anti social personality disorder".

Not everyone with this disorder is a crazed killer. Some people are disfunctional, some are very successful. But all of them have one thing in common - they are after personal empowerment at the expense of others and have no capacity for empathy.

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McFly (band)

How many number one hits did the eagles have?


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McFly (band)
Tom Daley

How do you contact Tom Golisano?

Tom Golisano does not list his contact details to the general public. His trust foundation's official address is; One Fishers Road, c/o Fishers Asset Management, Pittsford, NY 14534.

McFly (band)

Is Danny Jones still dating Olivia?

No, he's single and lives with his parents.

Pop Music
McFly (band)

What number one hits has Mcfly had?

McFly have had seven number one singles:

  • Five Colours In Her Hair,
  • Obviously,
  • I'll Be Ok,
  • Please Please/Don't Stop Me Now,
  • All About You/You've Got A Friend,
  • Stargirl,
  • Baby's Coming Back/Transylvania)

They have also had two number one albums:

  • Room on the Third Floor
  • Wonderland
McFly (band)

How many tours has mcfly done?

Well there's the one they did with Busted when they were the supporting act.

The wonderland album one.

The motion in the ocean one.

They did go on tour with the jonas brothers for a couple of dates, to make a surprise appearance but I don't know if that counts as one?

Then there's the up close and personal tour..

The greatest hits tour

The radio:active tour

The before the noise tour - giving fans a little sneak-peak at their new album

The above the noise tour - the official tour for the album

And now they've got another up close and personal tour coming up in march/april time.

So If I've got all the tours, and this is just from memory then that's about 9 tours, 10 soon.

McFly (band)

Does Danny Jones smoke?

Danny did smoke as the last known picture of him smoking was when Mcfly were on holiday together in 2007, but has now quit.

McFly (band)

Who is hotter Harry Judd or Dougie Poynter?

Dougie Poynter

McFly (band)

How many cats does Tom Fletcher have?

he owns 3 cats: Marvin, Leia & Aurora... but Mr. Tickles and Festive also walk around his place!!^^

McFly (band)

What songs do mcfly sing on tour 2009?

i went to see them back in may and im going to see them again this Saturday in the Liverpool summer pops and i know they are doing th exact same songs but i have forgot what order they did them in:/

i need to know this too :') xx

McFly (band)

Is Danny from the band McFly a virgin?

This sort of question is not appropriate for

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McFly (band)

How do you deal with homophobia?

To deal with homophobia from a peer/friend/family member, just ignore it at first but don't give in to their ignorance and passively hide your ways. Be proud of who you are if that is the case. Never be ashamed and hide/disguise yourself as a heterosexual if that's not who you are. It can mentally destroy both you and your fake partner, if you ever obtained one to cover your true self up. If it was a personal, hurtful situation with friends or family, peacefully confront that person, telling them that you are proud and what you are is not a result from choice. Homophobia usually results from people not knowing what something is. I don't believe that homophobia is a fear; it's just pure ignorance. Most homophobes believe that a homosexual is attracted to ALL members of the same sex and are afraid to approach them. Sometimes, homophobes may be jealous because they know that opposite-sex relationships can be very hurtful and hard. Heterosexuals who are homophobic may be ashamed of their own orientation, so be careful when dealing with them because it may lead to a breakdown. Whatever you do, just stay true to yourself. If you have a friend who is constantly knocked around because of homophobic peers, stick up for them with all of your heart. :)

McFly (band)

Is tom from mcfly married?

No he is not because i went to the above the noise tour and he didn't have a ring on.

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McFly (band)

Is Mcfly going to play a concert in Dublin in 2008?

McFly (band)

What accent has Danny Jones got?

Bolton (Manchester) accent.

McFly (band)

Are McFLY thinking of breaking up?

it says in the paper harry wants to but the paper also said that Danny was going snif snif

No, its just a rumour. Mcfly are NOT breaking up.

What a stupid rumor. They love each other too much to break up. Ever.

as far as im aware,and im a massive McFly fan and have been from day 1, they are not breaking up and are about to start their UK Radio:ACTIVE tour

yeah! they were even nude together after you do that you cant break up

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McFly (band)

How do to deal with blackmail?

If you have done something bad, you confess to remove the blackmail e.g. beat them to it!! Telling someone what is happening also takes the fear away and gives you support. If you are afraid of the blackmailer, then get help from the police. Cris' answer: Those crazy words "the truth shall set you free" will actually solve your problem. Blackmail only works if you have something you want to hide and you want to keep it hidden. Come to terms with your shame/embarassment/fear and be honest with yourself and others. The truth is empowering.... on the other hand removing the threat is another option although it is considered unethical and may cause more of a headache.


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