Does David Bowie have two different colerd eyes?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Does David Bowie have two different colerd eyes?
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Who sang with your long blonde hair and eyes of blue?

David Bowie. Song is called "Sorrow".

What singer has one green eye and one blue eye?

Some mistakenly believe that the answer to this question is David Bowie, but this is a Rock~n~Roll Urban Legend as his eyes are both of the same color. Bowie had an accident as a child that damaged the Pupil/Iris of one of his eyes and that sometimes gives him the appearance of having two different colored eyes.

Is there a word for someone who is born with different colored eyes?

If you have different coloured eyes it is called heterochromia but is nothing to be worried about. I'm not just saying that because I am but you know. You should be proud of it because it is to rareand special to be taken the mick out of! You could either have: 1. Blue and Green eyes 2. Blue and Brown eyes 3. Brown and Green eyes (Like Me) So their you have it nothing to be ashamed of!

What is david tenants natural hair colour?

As a young child Bowie and a childhood friend got into a fight, and he punched Bowie in the eye, and scratched it. Even after numerous surgeries the doctors were unable to fully mend his eye, and as a result, one of them is permanently dilated giving the effect of different eye colors. His natural eye color is actually blue. So one is blue and one is brown.

Who injured David Bowie's eye and almost blinded him as a child?

No, his eye's are different because his friend punched him in the eye when he was ca 14-15 years old. He had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital. Because he got punched in that eye, his pupil got dialated and stayed that way. His eyes do not have different colors.

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When did david bowie get his glass eye?

As far as we know, he does not have a glass eye. He does, however, have a medical condition, caused by an eye injury he suffered in high school; it caused the pupil in one of his eyes to be permanently larger than the other, but it does not affect his vision.

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