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Does Donald Trump have a dog?

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no because he is a dog

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Who looks like a dog?

Donald Trump, looks like a dog.

Donald Trump represent which party?


Is Donald Trump Irish?

No, Donald Trump was born in New York, he is an American.

Who owns trump plaza?

Michael jacksn, No Donald trump, Its called trump plaza

How many brothers does Donald Trump have?

Donald Trump has 2 brothers. Fred Trump Jr. and Robert Trump are their names.

Who is richer - Donald Trump or Richard branson?

Donald Trump.

Is Donald Trump from Illinois?

Donald Trump is from New York City.

Who will win Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump

what is donald trump adress?

Not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Was Donald Trump the 100th president?

Donald Trump is our 45th president.

What year was Donald trump born in?


What is the birth name of Donald Trump III?

Donald Trump III's birth name is Donald John Trump III.

What are the names of Donald Trump's kids?

Donald Trump has 5 children: Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka- mother Ivana Trump Tiffany -mother Marla Maples Barron-mother Malania Trump Donald Trump Jr. has 2 children: Kai Madison Trump and Donald Trump III

What is the sexual orientation of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is heterosexual.

Parents of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump's parents were Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump.

Who is the mother of Donald Trump?

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump was the mother of Donald Trump. Trump said she was very strict.

What is Donald Trumps full name?

His full name is Donald John Trump.

Is Oprah richer than Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is much richer

Does Donald Trump have ADHD?

No, Donald Trump does not have ADHD.

Does Donald Trump have coronavirus?

yes he has covid

What languages are spoken by Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a monolingual English speaker.

Is Donald Trump is wining?

He won in 2016 but he lost in 2020

What is a nickname for Donald Trump?

The Donald

What actors and actresses appeared in Best of Kelly Trump - 2000?

The cast of Best of Kelly Trump - 2000 includes: Kelly Trump

How many kids does Donald Trump have?

5 kids Donald Trump jr Eric Trump Ivanka Trump Barrion Trump Tiffny Trump3

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