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No. Saturn rotates about its axis once in 10.67 hours (about 10 hours and 39 minutes), whereas it takes Earth 23.9 hours to rotate about its axis.

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Yes. Saturn rotates extremely quickly, completing one rotation in almost ten hours.

A planet's day is the time it takes the planet to rotate or spin once on its axis. Saturn rotates faster than Earth so a day on Saturn is shorter than a day on Earth. A day on Saturn is 10.656 hours long.

Jupiter and Saturn rotate faster than earth. Jupiter rotates in 9hrs 50mins and 30sec and Saturn in 10hr 14mins and Earth 23hrs 56min 4sec

Saturn rotates extremely quickly, completing one rotation in almost ten hours.

Saturn is titled unevenly on its axis and away from the Sun than Earth and has more days to make a year in Earth.

Yes, Saturn's day is 10 hours and 40 minutes long.

No, Saturn is much larger than Earth.

Since gas planets like Saturn are not exactly as easy to find measurements with as solids such as Earth, it's harder to tell. However, since Saturn does rotate faster than the Earth, a "day" there would be 10.656 hours long.

no Saturn is less dense than earth in fact Saturn floats

Uranus and Neptune can both be closer to Saturn than to Earth. It depends where the planets are in their orbits.Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all closer to the Earth than Saturn.If the question means "closer to Saturn than Earth is" then we can get a different answer.The minimum distance between Saturn and Uranus is slightly less than the maximum distance between Saturn and Earth.In those circumstances Uranus could be closer to Saturn than Earth is.(Neptune can never be closer to Saturn than Earth is.)

All planets rotate, although Venus does so very slowly. The spin of the planets represents the momentum remaining from their formation (accretion) when the solar system formed. Saturn rotates much more quickly than the Earth, which has been slowed by the gravitational effect of the Moon.

Saturn is thousands of times bigger than earth.

Saturn is 9.4 times LARGER than the earth

Saturn's rotation is about 10 hours, 45 minutes so it rotates 2.23 times every Earth day.

Saturn is big and earth is very smaller than Saturn. Even Saturn has rings and earth dose not have rings.

saturn is 5x bigger than earth

Saturn's period of rotation is the time it takes to rotate once on its axis. It takes 10 hours and 39 minutes for Saturn to rotate, making a day on Saturn shorter than a day on Earth.10 hours, 39 minutes and 22 seconds

the differences are that earth has people living on than Saturn

Saturn is about 9.41 times larger than the Earth

No, Saturn is nearly 100 times more massive than earth..

No. Saturn is much larger than Earth. The equatorial diameter of Saturn is 120,536 km,about 9.5 times bigger than Earth's. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth. The volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of the Earth.

Saturn rotates much faster than earth.

Saturn is approximately 9.41 times larger than Earth.You could fit about 833 Earths inside Saturn

They both have moons. Saturn has many more than Earth, but they do both have them.