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Probably not. Too young and it takes longer to learn to drive one of them.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-26 20:40:51
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Q: Does Emily osment know how to drive a transport truck?
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Would Emily osment drive a transport truck?

If she wanted she might do just that.

Can Emily osment drive a truck?

She has a license to drive a car.

Could Emily osment appear on ice road truckers driving one?

No. At the moment she does not have the right to drive a large truck.

What local truck driving jobs are available?

There are many different kind of truck driving jobs available. You can drive a mail/package delivery truck for Fed EX or UPS. You can also drive transport trucks that deliver products to other companies.

How you can drive a truck?

Someone who knows how to drive a truck and is legally licensed to drive a truck has to train you, so that you can drive a truck (but you do also have to get a license).

How does South Korea transport?

They transport by truck, train and ship.

Where can you find a schematic of a transport truck?

The truck manufacturer will have a record of the wiring in each truck.

What classifies a truck to be a transport truck?

Transport trucks are vehicles that are designed to haul large things over great distances. To see examples of transport trucks, visit the Transport Truck website. Not only that kids like to look at them as well as adults.

How do you transport a cow?

Truck and trailer.

What is a synonym for transport by wagon or truck?


How do you transport a llama?

Put it in a truck and go.

How do you transport a dump truck?

You could drive it (or have someone else do it), you could rail load it, you could contract a tractor-trailer to transport it (depending on exactly what it is, this could require either a stepdeck trailer or an RGN lowboy).

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