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I think yes because I saw her today at IKEA at sunrise in Florida :)

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Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

no Emma Roberts is not married

She is 21 so she lives by herself

No Emma is not Julia Roberts daughter she is her niece.

Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

type in, 'Emma Roberts images' or 'Emma Roberts photos' preferably in Yahoo or Google.

what type of phone does Emma Roberts have?Emma Roberts has a blackberry bold. Hope that helps :)

If you mean Emma Roberts then yes..Emma is her niece

Yeah, Emma Robert's is Julia Roberts' niece.

nope, Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts' aunt. :)

No, actress Emma Roberts is still alive.

Emma Roberts has green eyes.

Emma Roberts mom is Kelly Cunningham. And her Dad is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

Emma Roberts was born on February 10, 1991.

Emma Rose Roberts is her real name.

Emma Elle Roberts is 5' 6".

Emma Watson is much prettier but Emma roberts is still prettier but alot of people prefer Emma Watson these questions are ridiculous legit who would prefer emma roberts over Emma Watson

Emma Roberts mom is named Kelly Cunningham. Her father is Eric Roberts. Her aunt is Julia Roberts.

No, but Emma Robert's dad - Eric Anthony Roberts is sisters with Julia Fiona Roberts

The actress known as Emma Roberts is related to the actress known as Julia Roberts through Emma's father, actor Eric Roberts. So Emma is Julia's niece.

Emma Watson, is much more pretty. Emma Watson, is more beautiful and talented, than Emma Roberts.

About 1mm, cause I rear an ant called Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts is 5' 2" (1.57 m) according to