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yes, its been half a month that he had one already and he confirmed it himself in an interview.

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What does Georg listing mean?

Georg Listing means Bassist of Tokio Hotel!~Bredlover300

Does georg listing hof tokio hotel has a percing?


What is Georg from tokio hotel full name?

Georg Moriz Hagen Listing

Georg Listing have a sister?

Tokio Hotel has a sister and her name is Brandy.

How tall is Georg Listing from Tokio Hotel?

5' 10" (1.78 m)

Does Georg Listing from tokio hotel play a fender giutar?

No Georg plays Sandberg. He's on their website.

What is Tokio Hotel's bass player's last name?

The bass players name from Tokio Hotel is Georg Listing.

What are the surnames of the Tokio Hotel members?

Bill and Tom KaulitzGeorg ListingGustav Schäfer

What is tokio hotel's dreamgirl?

TEST: Are you the dream girl of Bill, Tom, Georg or Gustav from Tokio Hotel?

Who is Georg in Tokio Hotel?

he is the bassist!! YAY

Who is Gustav Schäfer dating?

Nobody, he is still single. The only guy in Tokio Hotel who's dating someone is Georg Listing.

What grades did Georg Listing make in school?

Georg said in the Tokio Hotel "Zimmer 483" video, that he got really good grades in school likes A's and B's.

Does tom kaulitz have agirlfriend?

No, Tom doesn't have a girlfriend. The only member of Tokio Hotel with a girlfriend is Georg(they've been together for 6 months).

What the real names of all members of the band Tokio Hotel?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer are their real names.

When was Georg tokio hotel born?

georg was born in March. 31 1987

Do any members of tokio hotel have a girlfriend?

At the moment 10/08/2010 only Georg and Gustav but not bill and tom.

Is tokio hotel considered a boy band?

Tokio Hotel IS a boy band since it's members are only boys , Bill Kaulitz (vocals) , Tom Kaulitz (guitar) , Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums)...

Which of the members of tokio hotel have the father a dentist?


What are the names of Tokio Hotels instiments?

The people who play the instruments in Tokio Hotel are: Bill Kaulitz- Lead Singer Tom Kaulitz- Guitarest Georg Listing- Bassist Gustav Schafer- Drummer

When is Georg Listing from tokio hotel's birthday?

March 31st 1987.

What are the names of tokio hotel band members?

Bill Kaulitz (vocals), Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Gustav Schäfer (drums), Georg Listing (bass)

What are the names of the band members from Tokio Hotel?

Bill Kaulitz -singer Tom Kaulitz - guitar Georg Listing - bass Gustav Schäfer - drums

Do any of tokio hotel have girl friends - which ones. do they live in Germany?

Georg have a girlfriend in Germany, the rest are single.

Who is Tom Kaulitz married to?

None of the members of Tokio Hotel is married. Georg is the only one with a girlfriend, the others are single.To His GIBSON!!!

Who is the oldest member of Tokio Hotel?

Georg Listing (March 31, 1987) is the oldest member of Tokio Hotel at 23 (as of 2010). Gustav Schäfer (September 8, 1988) is 22. Tom and Bill Kaulitz (September 1, 1989) are 21.