Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel is a German pop rock band formed in 2001. Its members are the identical twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing, and Gustav Schafer. “Scream” and “Rescue Me” are some of their most popular songs.

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Tokio Hotel

What is Bill Kaulitz new tattoo meaning?

We'll never stop screaming

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Tokio Hotel

Does David Jost have children?


Tokio Hotel
Song Meanings

What does the song monsoon mean?

Bill said this in an interview "Monsoon.. we mean that you should fight for you're love and go through the monsoon, believe in what you do and fight for it!"

thats what they meant with the song!

Veterinary Medicine
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UK Law and Legal Issues

Is there a way to find out if a vet has or has had any formal complaints lodged against their practice or themselves personally?

Contact your state veterinary licensing board. Often they will have a website with a disciplinary action summary that will list all veterinarians who have been disciplined for improper practice, failure to attain continuing education, etc etc.

You can also check with the better business bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the Veterinarian or their office.

Tokio Hotel

What is the average shoe size for American men?

The average shoe size for American men is 10.5 US Mens.

Tokio Hotel

How many albums have tokio hotel sold?

they have been sold over 6 millions until now.

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Tokio Hotel

What is tokio hotels fan mail address 2011?

well i just wanted to say that there the best and no one can be better then them

Tokio Hotel

Is tokio hotel on hiatus?

No they are working on the new album not to mention been to Japan several times.

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US Government
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How does a bill becomes a law?

Step 1: How Your Idea Becomes A Bill

All legislation starts off as an idea. these ideas can come from anybody and the process begins when either an individual or group persuades a Member of the Legislature to author a bill. The Member then sends the idea and the language for the bill to the Legislative Counsel's Office where it is drafted into the actual bill. The drafted bill is returned to the legislator for his or her review. Persons or groups that originated the idea for the bill may also review it to ensure that the provisions they desire are in the bill in the correct form. If the author is a Senator, the bill is introduced at the Senate Desk; if an Assemblymember, at the Assembly Desk, where it is assigned a number and read for the first time.

Step 2: What To Do When Your Bill Goes To Policy Committee

The bill then goes to the Senate or Assembly Rules committee where it is assigned to a policy committee. You can find out where your bill is assigned by calling the author. Since bills are not heard in policy committee until 30 days after they have been introduced and printed, there is plenty of time to investigate a bill or contact your legislator to communicate your position on the bill.

Each bill must appear in the Daily File for four days prior to being heard in a committee. The Daily File is the agenda of the day's business, together with public notice of bills set for committee hearings. By checking the File, you can keep track of bills that are being scheduled for committee. If you live out of town and plan to testify at the hearing, it is a good idea to call the author or your legislator to make sure that the bill is going to be heard on that date. Sometimes bills are taken off the agenda at the last moment.

At this point, the role of the district Office should be emphasized. District Office staff are there to serve the needs of constituents. They can be extremely helpful in making contacts and getting information from Sacramento.

It is a good idea to schedule a meeting with your legislator while he or she is in the district. Communicate your concerns regarding legislation. Indicate that you want to work with the Member's office on a particular issue.

Most bills generate support and opposition from a variety of groups. Find out who these groups or individuals are by calling the author's office where lists of the letters and phone calls received on each bill are kept. A good strategy is to align yourself with the groups that hold your position and work together to talk to the members of the committee BEFORE the bill is heard. Keep your letters and discussions with the legislators short and to the point.

When testifying before the committee, first state your name and the organization that you represent or indicate that you are a concerned citizen and state where you live. The members of the committee will be interested to hear what you have to say and usually do not grill individual citizens who testify in the same way that they do lobbyists. Keep your testimony short and to the point.

Step 3: What If Your Bill Goes To A Fiscal Committee?

If the bill has a fiscal impact or a state cost, it will be heard in either the Senate or Assembly Appropriations Committees. At this point, you should inform the members of the committee why you support or oppose the bill based on a fiscal argument. The finance committees are concerned about fiscal impact and not policy considerations.

Try to see the staff analysis that has been done on the bill by the policy committee, the Department of Finance, and/or the Legislative Analyst. Members of the fiscal committees read these analyses before they vote. These analyses are available on the Internet.

If you believe that the numbers or the fiscal impact of the bill are not correct as reported in these analyses you should prepare your written comments before the committee meets. Your written material should be available to pass out to the committee members at the hearing where you present your testimony.

After the bill passes the fiscal committee, it is read for the second time on the Floor.

Step 4: After Your Bill Passes The House Of Origin And Goes To The Second House

Third Reading is the last stage that a bill goes through in the House of Origin before it passes to the second House to go through the committee process all over again. On Third Reading, the author presents the bill for passage by the entire house. Most bills require a majority vote (it must pass by 21 votes in the Senate and 41 votes in the Assembly), while urgency measures and appropriation bills require a two-thirds vote (27 in the Senate, 54 in the Assembly).

At any time during the legislative process the bill may be amended, either in committee or on the Floor. After the amendments have been submitted to the author, the bill goes to another printing to reflect the changes that have been made. the Senate or Assembly History records the dates when a bill has been amended. Amendments can be substantial or technical and may affect your position on the bill.

Amendments should be followed very carefully and contact with the District Office can be helpful in keeping track of current versions of a bill. If you "subscribe" to the bill, these amendments will automatically be sent to you. If you change your position on a bill due to a favorable or unfavorable amendment, you should inform the author and your legislator.

If a Senate bill is amended by the Assembly, or vice versa, and the House of Origin refuses to concur in those amendments, the bill will go to a conference committee. If the House of Origin does concur, the bill goes to the governor.

Members of the conference committee are appointed by the Rules Committees; three members from the Senate and three from the Assembly meet to negotiate out the differences. If they agree on a single version, it goes back to both Floors for approval.

Communicate to your legislator or the author which amendments you prefer and why. The conference committee meetings, particularly at the end of the two-year legislative session, are scheduled quickly and can be easily missed. You must stay in close contact with the author's staff to stay on top of fast-breaking developments. It is also important to know who will be serving on the conference committee so you can inform them of your position.

Step 5: You Can Still Act After Your Bill Goes To The Governor

The Governor has 12 days to sign, approve without signing, or veto a bill. A letter or phone call to the Governor's Office is appropriate to state your position on the bill.

If the bill is signed or approved without a signature, it goes to the Secretary of State to be chaptered. If the governor vetoes the bill, a two-thirds vote in each house is needed to override the veto. The Governor's office releases veto messages which explain the veto; these messages are available from the Governor's Office and on the Internet.

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How can you get Sr22a insurance but you do not own a car?

Buying and no ower policy

Tokio Hotel

What is Tom and bills new app called?


History of the United States
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Why is Bloody Bill Anderson always portrayed older in movies?

Bloody Bil Anderson was killed when he was only 24 years old, but had seen many of his family members killed and maimed by th flagrant union occupation. He lead his men on savage raids of union men and is probably portrayed as older because of his charisma and machismo in leading a band of southern guerillas. How else would anyone follow a 24- 24 year old into battle? check out my artwork of bloody bill Anderson at

AnswerI've heard two different years for Bill Anderson's birth--either 1837 or 1840 (although his grave says 1840). So he was either 24 or 27 when he was killed.

I agree people don't perceive violent or battle hardened men as being handsome and in their mid-twenties. It's just typical for movies to potray a leader of a group of soldiers as a grizzled older male, rather than a young man who witnessed and took part in violence early on. One of Anderson's men, Archie Clements, was actually very baby faced.

Movies, for some reason, almost always portray historical characters as olderthan they were. If you saw John Wayne's THE ALAMO, you'll remember LaurenceHarvey, who was in his late 40s at the time, playing William Barrett 'Buck' Travis. (Nobody who knew him called him anything but Buck.) Buck Travis was actually about 28 when he died in the Alamo. Wes Hardin is always portrayed as a man in his 40s, but he committed his last known killing in 1874. He was born in 1853. Until the movie TOMBSTONE, Doc Holliday--who was in his early 30s in 1881--was almost always portrayed by people much older. Kirk Douglas played him in THE GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL, & Douglas was in his mid-40s by then. Victor Mature played him in MY DARLING CLEMENTINE, & while he was close to the right age, Doc was a consumptive who stood about 5'10" & weighed less than 125 lbs. Mature was a body builder. In HOUR OF THE GUN Jason Robards, who was by then in his 50s, played him. Val Kilmer was the first one to be the right age & manage to look the part in TOMBSTONE. While it was a reasonably accurate historical portrayal, one scene showed Doc drunk. According to Wyatt Earp, Doc would "consume a pint of whiskey" to get going in the morning & upwards of a quart of whiskey a day, but Earp reports that he "never saw him stagger with intoxication." One thing they did get dead on was Doc's sense of humor. Earp called him "A philosopher of whom life & disease had made a caustic wit."


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Tokio Hotel

Does tom kaulitz like black girls?

I don't think he discriminates. He seems to be the kind to hook up with any girl.

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McFly (band)
Tom Daley

How do you contact Tom Golisano?

Tom Golisano does not list his contact details to the general public. His trust foundation's official address is; One Fishers Road, c/o Fishers Asset Management, Pittsford, NY 14534.

Tokio Hotel

Tom and bill kaulitz date of birth?

September 1, 1989

Tokio Hotel

Does Germany like Tokio Hotel?

Yes they love them just like everyone else in this world!

Tokio Hotel

Does Bill Kaulitz like girls with dark skin?

no one really knows

Cable Television
Satellite Television
Business & Finance
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How do hotels buy their tv channels?

They would have a contract with the satellite company at a special rate of course for the number of receptors in the hotel.

Tokio Hotel

Why did tokio hotel change there band name?

They name their band 'Tokio Hotel', because they like big cities and they are always on the road and mainly stay in many hotels.

Tokio Hotel

Is Tokio Hotel coming to the US in 2008?


Tokio Hotel is planning on coming to the US in early 2008, as stated in their official videos on their youtube channel Tokiohotelchannel.

I know that they were at Virgin Mega store at the Block of Orange in Garden Grove CA. last weekend Saturday the 18th to be exact. I am not a fan of them I just happened to know that cause I went there to look around and half the store was blocked off. For information you can look on Ticketmaster website or go to a groups main web site. their site should have up to date info about their tour schedules and locations.

They have finished their fall tour and are planning a winter tour i think around the fourth of January. But they might be delayed a few months.

i dont know but i sure hope so!

sorry but its past 2008. i really hope he comes soon though! sweetness to bill!

Tokio Hotel

When will Tokio Hotel come to Bulgaria?

To see if Tokio Hotel is coming to your city or a town near you, you can go to and look for tour information and news, or go to and see if they are on tour right now. To make a request, you can email them at their fanmail address, which is

Tokio Hotel

Why did bill kaulitz started smoking?

He and Tom probably started to fit in with the older crowd they were hanging with when they were 12-13.

Chris Brown
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Justin Bieber

What kind of girls would Leland Chapman date?

Only he would know

Tokio Hotel
Celebrity Relationships

Who is Bill Kaulitz's girlfriend?

He is currently single.

Tokio Hotel

How does bill kaulitz handle jealousy?

Not too well. He has said before that he's the very jealous type He's the type to Claim everything. Possessive type.


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