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Tom Cruise (born July 3, 1962), is an American actor and film producer. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won three Golden Globe Awards. His first leading role was the 1983 film Risky Business.

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Tom Cruise

Are Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise friends?

yeah they have been friends since acting together in interview with a vampire.

it has been a friendly rivalry since then

Tom Cruise

What movie made Tom Cruise famous?

"Risky Business" is probably the movie that made Tom Cruise famous. It was one of the first films in which he had the lead role. Plus the movie was very popular at the time and is still well-known today. The movie was released in 1983.

Tom Cruise

Where was Tom Cruise's movie The last samurai shot?

Katsumoto's temple is Sho-sha-zan Engyo-ji Temple in Himeji City, about 30 miles west of Kobe. The temple is atop Mount Shosa.

The 'Imperial Palace' of the emperor Meiji in 'Tokyo' is the 400-year-old Chion-In Temple, Kyoto, where you can see the imposing flight of steps.

Much of the filming was in New Zealand, on the hillsides of the Uruti Valley, where the Japanese village was constructed, with Mount Taranaki standing in for 'Mount Fuji'.

The port where Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) arrives in 'Japan' is a set built at New Plymouth, and the parade ground, where the Japanese troops are trained, and where Algren invites a young recruit to shoot him, is the Pukekura Sports Ground, Pukekura Park, New Plymouth. The 'battle in the fog' was filmed in Mangamahoe Forest, outside the town.

The restaurant, in which Nathan Algren is introduced to the Japanese gentlemen is closer to Hollywood. It's the Moorish Room of the Castle Green, on South Raymond Avenue in Pasadena.

There was more filming on the Warner Bros backlot in Burbank. If you want to see how the sophistication of CGI is making location spotting difficult, look at the scene set in 'San Francisco' at the opening, when Algren walks past the cable cars. This was filmed on the 'New York Street' of the Warner Bros Burbank lot., with the view of the Bay added digitally.

Tom Cruise
Celebrity Religious Preferences

Is Tom Cruise Mormon?

No. Tom Cruise is well known to be a Scientologist.

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Tom Cruise

What is Tom Cruise's favorite animal?

It must be dogs.

Tom Cruise

Is Tom Cruise a great actor?

Some say no, others will disagree, so it depends on your opinion.

Tom Cruise

How many oscar has Tom Cruise won?

Tom Cruise, who has been one of the movie's biggest box-office stars for the past 25 years, has never won an Academy Award despite three nominations. He has been nominated twice for Best Actor for his performances in "Born On the Fourth of July" (1989) and "Jerry Maguire" (1996), and once for Best Supporting Actor for his work in "Magnolia" (1999).

Tom Cruise

How many homes does Tom Cruise own?

what do you think smart one

Tom Cruise
Celebrity Sexual Orientation

What is Tom Cruise's sexual orientation?

Tom Cruise has dated and married females in the past, and has been married three times, most recently to Katie Holmes. He has made no statements that he is anything but heterosexual.

Tom Cruise
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Who is richer Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?

tom cruise

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Tom Cruise

Is Tom Cruise in Pearl Harbor?


Tom Cruise

Who are the mothers of Tom Cruise' children?

Nicole Kidman (2(adopted)) and Katie Holmes (1).

Tom Cruise
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How old is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is 55 years old (born Thomas Mapother IV, July 3, 1962).

Tom Cruise

Does Tom Cruise take Ritalin for his ADHD?

No, since he's a scientologist.

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Tom Cruise

What are the names of Tom Cruise's exwives?

His ex wives are Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. His current wife is Katie Holmes.

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Was Tom Cruise ever married to Demi Moore?


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What is the name of Tom Cruise's daughter?


Tom Cruise

Why did Tom Cruise not play Lestat in Queen of the Damned?

Neil Jordan, the director of Interview with the Vampire, did not go on to direct Queen of the Damned. Australian born Michael Rymer, famous for the Battlestar Galactica TV series, took on the role of the director of the sequel. Tom Cruise was not asked to reprise his role as Lestat as he was deemed to old to play a rock singer as described in the book Queen of the Damned. Michael Rymer & Jorge Saralegui choose actor Stuart Townsend to play Lestat. The script mixed parts of the books The Vampire Lestat & Queen of the Damned together, although taking creative liberties and not telling the stories accurately. It was mainly the script that caused the movie to fail. Audiences were disappointed by the loss of Tom Cruise, but loyal Vampire Chronicles fans went to see it regardless. Stuart Townsend, in my opinion did a great job despite the terrible script. He is a great actor and did what he was paid to do. In my opinion, young R&B star Aaliyah was miscast as Akasha. Its a shame this was her final film, I would've liked to see her as Zee in the Matrix Reloaded, but sadly her death prevented that. The only thing I liked about this movie was the chemistry between Townsend & Marguerite Moreau (who played Jesse).

In 1994 Tom Cruise was 32yrs old when he filmed Interview with the Vampire. In 2002, at age 40, Cruise was only 10yrs older than Townsend who played Lestat in Queen of the Damned. I find it very ironic that Tom Cruise was eliminated from this film claiming he was "too old" to play Lestat, but then at age 50 Adam Shankman cast him to play a rock singer in Rock of Ages.

Whether or not Cruise had been cast to reprise the role of Lestat it couldn't have saved the film. It wasn't the fault of the actors/actresses, but the sloppy script they had to follow.

Tom Cruise

What motorcycle does Tom Cruise ride in Knight and day?

Ducati Hypermotard

Tom Cruise

What is the relationship between Tom and Maggie in the mill of the floss?

They are both sheep

Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman

What is the height of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman?

Cruise is 5' 7" and Kidman 5' 9"

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise played a young stock car driver in what 1990 flick?

Days of Thunder

Tom Cruise

Who are Tom Cruise ex wives?

Tom Cruises' ex wives are Mimi Rogers (1987-1990), Nicole Kidman (1990-2001) and Katie Holmes (2006-2012)

Tom Cruise

Why has Tom Cruise never won an Oscar?

Because he's a scienTOOLogist.

Tom Cruise

Does Tom Cruise own a piece of the moon?

nobody owns the moon even Bill Gates can't buy the moon.


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