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Pilots are a main asset of an airplane. They steer the plane to its designated destination.

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Pilots (aviation)

What do you call a woman pilot?

The traditional term is aviatrix (feminine form of 'aviator') but it isn't used much anymore.

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Pilots (aviation)

Are there more pilots in the air force or the navy?

The Department of the Navy (which includes the Navy and Marine Corps) has a larger aviation community than the USAF.

The Navy and Marines operate from both ships at sea and from shore installations. The USAF can only operate from land based installations in the U.S. and at friendly countries overseas. The Navy and Marines do not have this limitation - they can go anywhere and fly anywhere while operating from Carriers.

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Pilots (aviation)

Can you say you wish to be a pilot or it should be you hope to be a pilot?

Both are correct.

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Why is it important for pilots to know the wind velocity?

it is a vector quantity.

Ans 2 -Wind velocity and direction has a definite effect on how smaller aircraft take off and land.

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What is a LM pilot?

The LM pilot is the person who pilots the Lunar Module, the mini-space ship that lands on the Moon. "LM" = Lunar Module.

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Is Sully the pilot a real hero?

Sully saved more than 150 people onboard the airplane so yes he is the real hero.

(No offense to the original person who answered, but I am going to expand upon what they said. Heroism is subjective really, in that everyone has a different idea as to what makes someone a hero. One of the engines stopped working on Sully's plane due to being hit by birds and the possibility of the plane crashing into land and everyone in the plane {and of course people on the ground when/where the crash happened} would have ended up dying. His quick thinking, and the fact that he kept calm, and the actions to guide the plane to land on the Hudson River saved over 100 people. Many people would call that a hero, but Captain Sully's modesty and humbleness caused him to tell the media in interviews that he was no hero - he was only doing his job and that he would do it again if the situation arose.)

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How do you keep the pilot light lit on a pool heater?

The flame should generate a micro amount of voltage which keeps the burner going. If the burner won't stay lit the problem could be caused by a lazy pilot generator, dirty wire connections, high wind conditions, or even something more serious or clogged. Your best bet is to have a trained service technician from your local swimming pool company come out and give your heater the professional testing it deserves. You will find a properly tuned and installed heater will save you quite a bit these days with the high cost of fuel.

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What is the minimum age for a microlight pilots license?

In Scotland you can fly solo from the age of 16 and u can apply for your NPPL/PPL when you turn 17. I assume it's the same for the whole of the UK

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Which is true of Japanese kamikaze pilots?

Their attacks were hard to defend against

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Who were the pilots for bombing of Hiroshima?

Col. Paul Tibbets and Major Charles Sweeney.

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Who pilots air force one?

Scott Turner

ANS 2 - It may not always be the same pilot. Air Force One is NOT always the same aircraft, it's just the code name given to whichever aircraft the President is travelling in.

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What are the requirements for a private pilots license in Thailand?

(1) Age

An applicant shall be a minimum of seventeen years of age.

(2) Medical Fitness and Validity

An applicant shall hold a Category 3 Medical Certificate valid for a Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplanes

(3) Knowledge

An applicant shall have:

completed a minimum of 40 hours private pilot aeroplane ground school instruction.

(4) Experience

An applicant shall have completed a minimum of 45 hours private pilot flight training in aeroplanes under the direction and supervision of the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane. A maximum 5 of the 45 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device.

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What is the feminine of pilot?

What is feminine gender of PILOT

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Why do you need to study moral theology?

You don't.

Pilots (aviation)

When is Pilot registered as a peace officer?

(f) the pilot in command of an aircraft

§ (i) registered in Canada under regulations made under the Aeronautics Act, or

§ (ii) leased without crew and operated by a person who is qualified under regulations made under the Aeronautics Actto be registered as owner of an aircraft registered in Canada under those regulations, while the aircraft is in flight, and

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How does airline pilots contribute to the society?

Pilots contribute to the society by helping to build the economy through the movement of resources from one country to another and bring about global integration.

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How do you get a commercial pilot's license?

You start with from the bottom and you work your way up. First you get your VFR (visual flight rules) private pilots license. Then you have to get your IFR rating (instrument flight rules). Then you can work on your commercial license. The commercial license only gives you the ability to fly for money. It does not mean that you will be flying airliners. You have to build up hundreds of hours to do that. The best way to build up hours is to get your flight instructor rating. That way you can get paid while you build up your hours instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars renting airplanes and paying for fuel.

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Who has 2009 photo Honda Pilot?

I think I saw it in Edmunds. Partially covered it looks like a version of every other SUV coming out.

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What us president had a commercial pilots license?

The first president to get a pilots license was Dwight Eisenhower

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How do you light the pilot light of a 12-year-old Teledyne Laars gas pool heater?

Make sure the gas valve that is part of the supply line is on.

There is another gas valve inside the heater, which has three positions: OFF, ON, and PILOT. Turn the valve to PILOT, then press it down. This will allow gas to flow to the pilot light, so that at this point it should be able to be lit with a match or better yet, one of those butane fire starters.

Continue to hold the valve down, for about 30 seconds.

When you release it, the valve should come up, so that you will be able to turn it to the ON position.

If the pilot is still burning, you should be good to go.

If the pilot goes out, however, there is a chance that the pilot generator, a $50 or so brass cylinder that is positioned near the pilot light and which produces about 500 mv, is bad.

The pilot generator puts out enough power, using the heat of the pilot light, to energize a coil inside the gas valve to keep the gas flowing to the pilot. If there is no power generated by the pilot light, the gas valve will shut down (it's a safety feature so that the gas to the non-burning pilot does not continue to flow and create an explosion hazard).

You will need a digital voltmeter to check the pilot generator, and some other wrenches to replace it if it proves to be not producing at least 400 mv when hot.

Assuming the pilot stays lit, your next job will be to ensure the other limit switches in the circuit are OK, and that the thermostat is working OK to actuate the second coil inside the valve the turns on the gas to the burners. Your question, however, was only about the pilot light, so I will leave it at that.

I also have a Teledyne Laars natural gas pool heater and I found this answer when trying to figure out how to light mine. The previous answer was correct although it didn't tell you where the pilot light was (where you put the flame in order to light it).

On mine, you should follow a thin pipe from where the blue circular pilot/on/off switch is. It goes from left to right and then goes back.

On the right hand side, there should be a sign that says "pilot light here" with an arrow pointing back. The actual tube it points to is the pilot light.

You should use a long match or a butane fire starter to place a flame along the top of this tube.

Turn the blue switch until it can be pressed down. When you press it down you should hear gas flowing (a light hissing). If you don't, there is no gas getting to the appliance. Follow the pipe from the meter to the appliance and check for the gas turned off along the way (I have two shut-offs - one at the meter and one at the heater).

While pressing the blue switch down, hold a flame to the tube on the right. It should light the gas. Continue to hold the blue switch down for 30 seconds or so. I think it is heating something at the back. If you release the blue switch and the flame goes out, repeat the process.

Eventually, you'll see an orange flame at the back as things start to heat up. When you release the switch, it should stay lit.

Please note these instructions are from my perspective - your situation may differ. Use these instructions at your own risk. If in doubt, have your pool heater serviced by a furnace cleaner.


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Do pilots with blue eyes make better pilots?

NO! But purple eyed people do!


Maybe! There may be a slightly higher percentage of blue eyes and fair-skinned people, because there is a slight hiring bias in favor of tall, blonde, blue eyed applicants

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What do you have to do to become a pilot?

Flying is not the career that it used to be. Today's pilots go through quite a great deal to get to fly the planes that they do. There really are two paths that you can take to become a pilot. First is to apply for acceptance in one of the military training programs (Army, Air Force, Navy) and they will put you through the paces to becoming a pilot.

The second is the more common and harder path. The first step is your private permit. Try to find a part 141 school near you if at all possible. This is an accreditation process that helps later on. Take the discovery flight and start the lessons.

After about 55 to 80 hours, you will be ready to take the real plunge. Your private certificate. (The minimum is 40 hours but almost no one gets there that quick.)

Once you have your private certificate, you are ready to start learning to really fly. Get 125 hours or more in and start setting up for your instrument rating. Many people combine this with their commercial rating and that is a less expensive method.

When you are done with these ratings you need your multi engine rating. Try getting involved in any weather flying as soon as you can. IFR (bad weather) flying is always a plus.

Now the paths start separating slightly. Guys need far more hours of actual flying than females do. Men will also need to get their ATP rating by themselves normally. (Women in Aviation will help females with this.) At about 300 hours of twin time for women and 1,200 hours for guys you can start looking for a job in the cargo area. Females may find it easier to enter some areas due to quotas needing to be filled. Charter flying will be much easier for girls to get into with fewer hours (as an example).

Flying cargo or charter for a year will build your hours and weather experience to the point that you can get hired by the commuters. Pay really is bad here, but most people do not stay long. Keep applying for the majors. Keep a safe flying record and a friendship with everyone. Relationships are more important here then ANY other field.

Note of clarification: While it may be easier for women to get a job in some instances, there is no differentiation in the FAA requirements for the various certificates and ratings between men and women.

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Why do offshore boat racing have 2 pilots?

one for the throttle and one for steering

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Will a palm pilot work with a mac?

The answer quite simply is yes. All you have to do is go to the Palm Web site and download the version of the Palm Desktop to your computer and install it. It is that simple. Just go here: http://www.palm.com/us/support/palmdesktop.html You could also get OS X 10.3 or later then install palm credentials. That way, you don't need a whole program (Palm Desktop)! The program that uses the credentials is called iSync. iSync 1.5 was the latest version that worked with OS X 10.2 but I cannot find it anywhere! I would strongly recommend getting palm desktop for 10.1-10.2 and the palm credentials to use with iSync for 10.3+

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Why during the Ali vs Karl Mildenberger fight you could hear the punching and sounds of the fighters but not in today's fights?

Sound effects added after the fact.


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