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The game itself actually takes place in liberty city, but the actual city itself is New York City

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Q: Does Grand Theft Auto 4 take place in Las Vegas or Liberty City?
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Is Liberty City a real place?

Not the Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto, but there is a place called Liberty City in Miami, Florida.

Where does Grand Theft Auto 3 take place?

Liberty City

Can you get a jet pack in grand theft auto Liberty City stories?

you cant but you can look at them in the helicopter place

Where does grand theft auto 4 take place?

in Liberty City. Very similar to new york city today.

Where is the first mission in grand theft auto Liberty City PC game?

the first misson is to give lift to a man to some place whose car is destroyed

What is going to be the next Grand Theft Auto?

gta place

How do you get a plane in Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360?

There are no flyable planes in GTA IV... or pretty much any other GTA game that takes place in Liberty City.

What is the Grand Theft Auto san andreas?

a place in north america

Where is Grand Theft Auto 5 going to be?

It takes place in Los Santos.

What is the best website to download Grand Theft Auto IV?

the gta place

Where is the best place to buy grand theft auto San Andreas?

at a shop

Does red dead redemption and grand theft auto take place in the same canon?

Yes it is, the developers have said that RDR'S canyon and Liberty City is the same place, but different names over time, this would have occured. I hope this has answerd your question.

Where are hidden pakeges on Grand Theft Auto libery city?

this is not the place to ask that but i will tell you what to do go on to goggle and type in (Where are hidden packages on gta liberty city) and it will tell you PS my friend said it helps so much

Where is the best place to get girls in your car in grand theft auto?

there isn't you must just be lucky

Where is the ware house in grand theft auto vice city stories?

the warehouse is at phils place

What year does Grand Theft Auto Vice City take place in?

It takes place in 1986, but one of the beginning cutscenes takes place in 1984.

Where does Grand Theft Auto vice city takes place?

In the world of GTA: Vice City is based on Miami, Florida. Liberty City is based on New York City. San Andreas is based on a mixture of California and Nevada, with the main cities of Los Santos based on Los Angeles; San Fierro based on San Francisco; and Las Venturas based on Las Vegas.

How do you get car mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PC?

go to the mod car place

Where can you buy a hat in grand theft auto 4?

Only place you can buy hats and sunglasses is the Russian store.

Where can one play Grand Theft Auto online?

If GTA is an acronym for Grand Theft Auto then there are various consoles and products such as Steam that offer online. The best place to play it online would be through an Xbox, PlayStation 3 or Steam.

Where is grand theft auto 3 two player place on city one?

in a place where you dont belong now p**s off hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaah

Is grand theft auto iv episodes from Liberty City out on playstation 3 yet?

Episodes From Liberty City for the PS3 and PC were due to be released on 30th March, but apparently it has been delayed for a couple of weeks, due to more work taking place, and I believe the latest release date is between 13th and 16th April.

Can you get a semi truck on grand theft auto episodes from Liberty City?

Yes you can by simply going to the gta place for help,or go to the edisocarter cheat device for the psp. If you want help with ps2 or ps3 got to the PS store, or download save games.

What does Grand Theft Auto stand for?

The GTA game was named after the US entitled stolen car crime "Grand Theft Auto", as there was a lot of carjacking going on within the game. This was eventually shortened to GTA. You can still hear the cops mention that a "grand theft auto" has taken place over the radio in the game, when a car is stolen by the protagonist in current GTA games.

How do you get Indian cars in Grand Theft Auto San andreas?

check out in or gta place in vehicle option thnku