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Yes, HR Block does offer online services depending on your situation. Do you mean an online service such as log in or support? But, they basically do offer online services.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-04 22:30:36
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Q: Does HR Block offer online services?
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Does HR Block also have online services?

Yes, they have many services offered online. Tax is one such service they offer. To get more information, go to and do research. Best of luck to those who are invloved.

Does HR Block operate outside of the United States?

No, HandR block is specificaly a business in the united states. They might offer their services online but I think that is as far as they go. Besides people who live outside the us do their taxes differently.

Is it free to do your taxes with HR Block online?

Yes, it is absolutely free to do your taxes online with the HR Block free online service. It makes it easy to prepare your tax return, and to get the HR Block expertise.

When will hr block offer the emerald card advance in 2011?

I wanted to know the same thing so i gave HR block a call, Well on Nov. 30 2011. HR Block will start the offer.

When will hr block offer the emerald card advance in 2012?

December 6

What services does eTools offer?

eTools provides a variety of services that provide an online resource that makes it easier for its customers to do business. These services cover supply, technology, transportation, Hr management, real estate, auctions, travel and training.

What business services does TriNet offer?

TriNet offers HR outsourcing services to help business grow. Some of the services TriNet offers include payroll services and tax administration, risk protection and compliance, and online service tools for managers and workers.

Do you need to be a hr block customer to use the hr block tax calculator?

They provide worry free audit support for clients who purchase and use Hr block tax software or online tax preparation solutions to prepare and successfully file their 2010 individual income tax.

Does HR Block offer tax help to only individuals above a certain age?

Of course, you have to be of working age (16). You cannot be under 16. HR block helps people 16 and above. So yes, HR block only helps people above a certain age. (16).

When will HR Block begin offering the Emerald Card?

H&R Block will begin to offer the Emerald Card on or around December 6, 2010.

Do hr block offer the Christmas loan for new customers?

Yes they offer the Christmas loan because I went there for the first time and got a loan.

What does the hr mean in hr block?

Henry and Richard

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