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Does Hillary Clinton eat live babies?

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Of course not; she prefers them medium well.

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How many dummy pills does Hillary Clinton eat in one day?

Dummy pills are a waste of time and money when being consumed. It is not clear how many Hillary Clinton ate in one day since that is a personal issue. Of course, this is honestly a nonsense question intended to antagonize people who may support or agree with Hillary Clinton.

What do metallic weevils eat?

Live babies and cider

Do male betta's eat their live babies?


Do Mongoose enter rabbit cages and eat babies?

babies dont live in cages.!! and yes mongoose eat baby rabbit's

How do fish live like humans?

They're born, eat, have babies, and die.

Do northern aligator lizards have live babies?

Northern Alligator Lizard give live birth, but they dont take care of their young, in fact they may eat their babies.

Does Bigfoot eat babies?

No, Bigfoot does not eat babies.

Do you feel throbbing in your stomach when you are pregnant?

Babies don't live in your stomach unless you eat them.

Does guppy take care of there babies?

No, if you leave the babies in with mom, or other guppies they will eat them. They see their babies as live food you would feed them. If you want any babies to survive, I suggest you separate them from the adults. (:

Do goldfish eat there babies?

Gold fish do not eat there babies.

Is it true that rats eat their babies?

No. Rats do not eat their babies.

Do hermit crabs eat there babies?

no they don't eat there babies

Do frogs eat their babies?

no frogs dont eat their babies

Why do babies eat?

babies eat so they can survive and not die of starvation

Can mice babies live without their mom?

Not until old enough to eat solid food.

Can mice babies live without mom?

Not until old enough to eat solid food.

Why do rabbit eat their babies?

Rabbits does not eat their babies they are herbivores Rabbits will eat their babies for several reasons. If the babies die during birth or after they will eat them so they do not attract predators. stress and fear for 'the herd' may cause does to eat their babies. Some are just lousy mothers.

Do turtles eat their babies?

Yes Box turtles eat their babies . I have not figured out why. they do not eat there young.

Why do dogs eat babies?

Dogs eat some of their babies after birth if they feel they need to. Usually the babies they eat wouldn't have survived anyway.

Do other fish eat molly babies?

Almost all fish will eat molly babies, even mollies will eat there own babies, You should keep the babies in a breeding net until the babies grow up.

Why do babies suck on breasts?

That is how babies eat.

How long does a street rat live?

Forever. Oh, but be careful, rats can eat cats, and dogs, and babies.

Can mollies live with guppies and the guppies breed?

Yes, they can all live together. It is important to separate your babies though, or the bigger fish will eat them

How do you prevent a mother rabbit from eating her babies?

Eat her babies? I do not think a mother rabbit will do that! It's her babies. Why would she eat them?

Do mother fishes eat their babies?

Yes, some mother fishes eat their babies.

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