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No. I have been playing for about half a year, and there is NO viruses. -Yelonda, Palomino Server

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Q: Does HorseIsle have Viruses
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Does HorseIsle give you a virus?

I have been playing the game for many years & so far it hasn't passed on any viruses. I don't know anyone that has had viruses from the game. BudgieGirl (Dun Server) DUN RULES! hehe...x

How do you hack horseisle?

There is no actual way to hack into HorseIsle.

What is brio in HorseIsle?

HORSEISLE ANSWER:SpiritEverPuppy-Brown Server

What state is horseisle in?

Horseisle is a computer game so it is international.

What is the answer to HorseIsle shinning stats?

On HorseIsle, there is no such thing as "shinning stats"

HorseIsle quest websites?

How do you get to frigid meadows on HorseIsle?

Polar IslePrincessCheese, HorseIsle Palomino Server

Who created HorseIsle?

Miranda and Joe Durbin invented horseisle in around 2007.

Where are some cheats for HorseIsle ice sculptures?

HorseIsle is a cheat-free site.

What is the url of HorseIsle 2?

The URL for HorseIsle 2 is under the 'Related Links'

How do you do he ice sculpturesin HorseIsle?

In Horseisle, the ice sculptures are on Snow and Ice isles.

Does HorseIsle 1 still give your computer a virus?

To my knowledge, HI1 never gave computers viruses. But by now so long as you contacted them about it they should have it fixed. Even if you didn't, I know the site is safe.. But if you want you can alert them about the virus.