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If you love horses, online gaming, chatting, and having fun... you'll certainly love the family game Horse Isle. A subcategory - with no horsin' around - devoted to this delightful game.

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How do you get to hat isle on horse isle?

Go to skull isle via the bridges. the password is landlubber. got to the top of the isle, at the top of the skull and go to a pirate ship. it costs one pearl.

Horse Isle
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How do you get to the lost isles in wow?

There is no way to get to the Lost Isles once you have finished the quests. The quests are only available to newly created goblin characters. There is no way to get to the Lost Isles for higher level characters.

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When will horse isle 2 come out?

Horse Isle 2 was released May 4, 2010. The game was in BETA testing for quite some time beforehand. See the Related Links section below for links to HorseIsle 2: Eternal and HorseIsle 2: LifeCycle.

Horse Isle

Where are Greg's glasses on HorseIsle?

Go exactly north east of Greg's house to a cotton patch. Stand in the very middle of the cotton patch and use your search tools. Once you have found them take the glasses back to greg :)

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What number comes next in this sequence 7 8 5 5 3 4 4?


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How do you renew a sub token on HorseIsle?

You have to buy a new one and it will take the old one's place.


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Where is Horse Anatomy Wiz on HorseIsle?

Carrotton, Hare Isle.

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What are the answers the dribble isle riddle boxes?

The one about the four foals is Ginger. The one about the iron horse is Needle and thread and the one about the racehorse's every move is Jockey.

--CrazyCanadian on HI 2

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Where is puck on horseisle?

Puck lives on Saddle Isle. To get there, use Earton Docks and go to Rider Isle. Then go to the north part of Rider Isle, and cross the bridge. The password to get past the troll is "crazy." He lives under the willow tree south of the bridge.

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How do you start Sani's Anniversary on HorseIsle?

You need to have completed Shoneah's Supplies before you can do this quest.

One you finish Shoneah's Supplies, talk to Shoneah again and he'll ask you to take a concho belt to Sani in Santon.

You Completed Sani's Anniversary. You earned a Diamond and 25 quest points

~Amounis - Bay/Dun server :)

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How do you complete Emma's chocolate plant greenhouse on horse isle?

Start the quest by talking to Emma, the chocolatiere royal. She will ask you to make her a green house. She will also give you plans so the person who can make it knows how she wants it to look. Then, to do this, go to Vern on Jungle Isle and talk to her about the green house. She will tell you that she can make it, but to do so, she will need some supplies. Vern will need 50 regular logs and 25 ebony logs. Then, when you have these, bring them back to her and she will hand you some plans that she made and tell you to take them back to Emma. When you get to Emma, hand her the plans and she will ask you to get her the seedlings she ordered from Rose Thorne, the flower shop owner in Hotton on Desert Isle. After that, travel to Rose and have her hand you the seeds. She will give them to you and when you have them, bring them back to Emma. You will receive 75 quest points.

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What is the following word Letters are all one off- like B instead of A Word inpe?


~ScrabbleWord, Grey~

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How do you turn off the Nat type?

This can be done on your settings at the dashboard or in certain games.

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Where is the best place to find blackberries on HorseIsle?

There is no true "best place" to find blackberries. Follow the path up from Hoof Isle towards Appleton, you will come across a large chunk of ranches, surrounded by some bushes. Walk through there, and pick up any blackberries you find. There is also a large patch a bit southwest of Treeton, and near Appleton.

You can also buy them at food stores and general stores if they have any in stock. And some players sell them directly to other players.

Horse Isle

Where is Ice Sculpture 1 on HorseIsle?


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Why are eggs associated with the Easter bunny?

The Easter bunny and the Easter eggsBoth eggs and rabbits have to do with fertility. Spring festivals tend to be about fertility and rebirth. This is a tradition that is older than Christianity and was coopted by Christianity when it was becoming a popular religion. As a recent religion, Christianity was usually smart enough not to mess with the local celebrations but just adapt them a little bit. That made it easier for people to go along.

From pagan religion, both the egg and the bunny are symbols of fertility. In the pagan religion, Easter was the "spring festival", celebrating fertility and requesting that the Gods give good crops. It makes sense that the rabbit and the egg would be symbols of spring festival.

Easter is also a symbol of the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre, as the holiday was originally named after. Easter is a relatively new adoption of spelling which was used, as said above, to help make the coexistence and/or transition of religions go much smoother.

Horse Isle

Cap'n D's Ship Repairs?

To start the quest go to Vine Isle. Then talk to the Dock Owner. (You will find that his name is Cap'n D)

Cap'n D's Ship Repairs (100qp) (Intermediate)

Begins: Danner, Vine Isle Dockmaster

Items Needed: 10 ebony logs

Danner needs help repairing his ship. He will need 10 ebony logs and rope. Talk to Esther, she is on the biggest part of Vine Isle (the one with Cheeky on it, too) and in a treehouse. She asks you to get her five vines. Use your binoculars to the trees west of her treehouse until you get five. She will give you 1 Vine Crafted Rope. Bring the items back to Danner.

Reward: $4000

Horse Isle

Where is Parry on HorseIsle?


Horse Isle

Where is vole hole 7 on horseisle?

Tail Isle, just at the beginning of the ranches. Just follow the path.

Bugalugs - Bay Server.

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Where is leather found?

AnswerLeather isn't found. It is made by "tanning" the hides of animals. In other words, it's skin, normally taken from cows although it can be made from the hides of many other animals.
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How do you get to Deep Jungle Isle on hi2?

Go to the Tiger isle rowboat. The guy there will take you to Deep Jungle Isle.

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On horseisle how do you get cloth?

I believe you have to collect 50 pieces of cotton then go to Shellton on Turtle isle (go to Treeton take boat from there) and then go to the crafts person Barb and she will craft it

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Katinka's Family Ties quest on horseisle?

This is quite an interesting quest. It starts with Katinka, who lives in the cabin on the far left side of Ice Isle. This quest is pretty much a wild goose chase. I am not sure, but you can try to cut some of the travel fees short by simply going down to Hotton, and finding Orlav in his cabin in the forest to the left of town! This may not work, but it's worth a shot.

  1. Katinka has lost connection with her brother, Orlav. She says you should talk to Yorick, of Snowball Isle, about where he might be.
  2. Now go to Snowball, off the eastern cost of Ice. Talk to Yorick, who will tell you that you should check in Witherton.
  3. Talk to Kyleigh, who lives next to Witherton's bank. She will direct you to Earton's Inn.
  4. Go talk to Earton's inn owner, and he will say you should go to Karl, on Cat Isle.
  5. Go and talk to Karl. He now directs you to Art Isle's inn owner (Remy).
  6. Remy will tell you to talk to the owner of Shellton's inn.
  7. Now go to Shellton, and talk to the inn owner. They will tell you to go to Appleton's inn and talk to it's owner!
  8. Head on over to Appleton and talk to Mr. Napper. He will say you should check Tropicton's inn.
  9. Talk to Holli Daysin, owner of Tropicton's inn. She will say you should talk to Hotton's inn owner.
  10. Now go down to Hotton, and talk to the owner of the inn. She will tell you to look in Sweltry forest for Orlav's cabin. NOTE: Sweltry forest is the one on the left side of town.
  11. When you talk to Orlav, he will want you to go to Wington to get a payment from Kay Macaw. Accept that, then go to Bird.
  12. Get the payment from Kay (a bird), then go back to Orlav.
  13. Orlav will give you some papers and a leather packet that explains everything.
  14. Now go to Katinka, give her the packets and paper. She will sign the papers which Orlav sent along.
  15. Head to Witherton and talk to the bank teller. They will tell you what to pass on to Katinka.
  16. Go update Katinka for your reward!
Rewards: $6000, 1 topaz necklace, 300 Quest Points (about 1%)
Horse Isle

Where is Icy on HorseIsle?

Icy is a snowman on Snow Isle. He's near Sera's igloo which is at the northernmost tip of Snow Isle.
Duh.... there is no Icy in the Horse Aisle there is only Angel,Gigi,Priscilla and Mr. Snoodle (BTW I am sushisimran PLEASE ADD ME)

Icy is a snowman on Snow Isle. He's near Sera's igloo which is at the northernmost tip of Snow Isle.

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Where is rylands whetstone on horseisle?

Parry in Treeton has it. Just talk to him and he will give it to you to take back to Ryland.


Before that, head up from his house to the wagon, then head west. Below the mud-hole a few steps up are two stumps, use your magnifying glass on them, then go back to Ryland, then Perry.

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