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Q: Does Howrse give your computer viruses?
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Can yahoocom give your computer viruses?

No does not give your Computer viruses

Does hot-mail give your computer viruses?

no hotmail doesnt give you viruses it just a site to chat unless your computer has viruses.

Can phishing scams give your computer viruses?

It can give your computer spam

Does BOTS give your computer any viruses?

BOTS (acclaim) doesn't or will not give your computer viruses. I've played it for many years and have gotten no viruses. So, if you were thinking about downloading it, it won't give you any viruses.

Can Facebook give viruses to your computer?


Can give my computer viruses?


How do people give your computer viruses?

They are evil

Does Lego universe give your computer viruses?

no it does not

Does piratebay give your computer viruses?

No. but the downloads on it cause viruses not the website/torrent

Does roblox give your cumputer viruses?

No, your computer won't get viruses. *sigh*

Is there an kids computer games that don't give computers viruses?

yes, there are lots of games that dont give viruses

Does gaia give viruses to your computer?

Surely it does for some reason gaia is the main source of viruses it made my computer explodeilovecookies!