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No does not give your Computer Viruses


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no hotmail doesnt give you viruses it just a site to chat unless your computer has viruses.

BOTS (acclaim) doesn't or will not give your computer viruses. I've played it for many years and have gotten no viruses. So, if you were thinking about downloading it, it won't give you any viruses.

No it doesn't only if you get it from a viruses website

No, your computer won't get viruses. *sigh*

No. but the downloads on it cause viruses not the website/torrent

Moshi Monsters is completely free from viruses so will not infect your computer.

yes, there are lots of games that dont give viruses

No, it doesn't give your computer a virus.

no, it does not at all do not worry about it

No just by playing computer games you will not get computer viruses. Software from trusted publishers shouldn't pose any risks to your computer.

It can give you viruses but it surely will slow your computer down well it did for me -kb

It depends what game it is. Some games can give your computers viruses so yes they do.

Surely it does for some reason gaia is the main source of viruses it made my computer explodeilovecookies!

There is always a chance that RuneScape bots will give your computer viruses, so don't bot!

Itunes does not give you viruses on your computer. However,If you used limewire you will sure to get viruses. Never use anything before you are sure you wan't to do it.

yes it gives you viruses and may make your computer crash

it does not give u viruses b-cuz i had it for a long TIME and never gave one to me and i have a gateway computer.

A computer virus is a harmful computer program that someone has written either as a practical joke or for criminal purposes. A computer virus can be transmitted from one computer to another computer, but it cannot infect a person. The viruses that infect people are something else entirely. So a computer cannot give you viruses. Not unless you are a cyborg.

No. Viruses download to your computer, and Lumosity is completely web-based, so it can't download any viruses.

atually yes it does i had to get a new computer due to the game

The virus can always come into your computer.

yes by mike whittaker :::::::::::)

absolutely not it is 100% safe.

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