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No, your computer won't get viruses.


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Absolutely not.

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Q: Does roblox give your cumputer viruses?
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Do some Roblox games give viruses?

No, It does not. Some games have viruses, but they are Roblox viruses and they will NEVER HARM YOUR COMPUTER. You will only get roblox viruses if you use bad free models.

Does down loading roblox give you a virus?

As long as you get it from a Roblox's site it is guaranteed not to have viruses.

Does friends have viruses in roblox?

No. Roblox has not viruses.

Does roblox have viruses in 2014?

Roblox does not give you a virus. Roblox has little things called "Cookies" they store a little bit of data that tells the website if you have been to it or not. People might call them viruses, but they are really not.

Does Roblox give you a virus please give me proff?

No, Roblox does not contain any viruses. The fact that millions of people have played Roblox and thousands play it each day makes it unlikely to contain any malicious programs. Also there are sites that have tested Roblox and report it as clean.

Who has a virus Roblox or Facebook?

No, Neither Roblox of Facebook have viruses. People on Facebook do sometimes post links to viruses, and there are scams that exist on Facebook, but there are no viruses on Facebook itself. Roblox does not have viruses either. It does have virus scripts within the game, but those cannot actually harm your computer.

Do you have to download roblox?

yes? Roblox download is completely free. And No viruses.

Can you get a virus if you download roblox?

No, Roblox will not give you viruses whether you download it or not.but it will slow down your compiuter.

Does roblox with a virous?

Roblox does NOT have any viruses in the file. I have used it for 2 years, Trust me.

Does roblox always make a virus on your computer?

Roblox does not have any viruses i got it and i didn't get any viruses i have lots of computers and i still didn't get any viruses. It would not get a virus. I promise it won't.

Can ace of spade give your cumputer a virus?

No and it is spelt computer

Why does my toshiba keep not responding while you play roblox?

It might be because of viruses. Although ROBLOX dose have some viruses, there might be an Adware Tracking Cookie, or something like that. Hope this helps you.