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Q: Does Huygen's principle explain diffraction
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What has the author Bevan B Baker written?

Bevan B. Baker has written: 'The mathematical theory of Huygens' principle' -- subject(s): Diffraction, Wave theory of Light

Why does light break when it is run through thin slits?

This is called diffraction (also interference, if there is more than one slit), and is the result of the Huygens-Fresnel principle. The basic idea is that from ANY point in space where a wave (such as light) gets, a new wave goes out in all directions. The final result, in this case, is the diffraction pattern.

Proof of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle?

Electron diffraction.

What principle is responsible for light spreading as it passes through a narrow slit?


What is the basic principle of x- ray diffraction?

The idea is that, due to the small wavelength of X-rays, atoms can serve as a diffraction grid - causing diffraction patterns. (If you don't know about diffraction, I suggest you search in the questions for "diffraction", or ask a separate question for diffraction.) Crystals are good for this, because of their regular structure.

How do you explain the principle of working of ULN2803?

Explain the workin principle of uln and its abbreviation

Using ripple tank explain the following characteristics of a waveReflectionRefractionInterference and Diffraction?


What principle can be explain The flight of and airplane?

The Brenoulli's Principle.

1 Explain the working principle of a milling machine?

1. Explain the working principle of a milling machine?

Explain diffraction and refraction How are they similar?

They both cross the boundary from one medium to another.

What principle can explain how a hydraulic device works?

archimedes' principle

The wave model of light does not explain?

The Photoelectric Effect and the Compton effect, both of these effects are explained by Photons.