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obviously he does as everyone does

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Is Jeff hardy bad?

Yes, he is very bad!

Did Matt hardy beat Jeff hardy at backlash?

no Jeff beat Matt so bad it was awesome

Is Jeff hardy a good or bad person in tna?

In tna Jeff hardy is a bad and mean person but in wwe Jeff hardy is a good and nice person in tna people boo Jeff hardy in wwe people cheer for Jeff hardy tna stinks wwe rocks wwe is way better than tna a million times better wwe forever

Is Jeff Hardy ever going to be a bad guy?


Is Jeff hardy a bad person?

No it is the storyline in the WWE

Is tna Jeff hardy bad?

tna yes wwe no

Why did Jeff hardy house burn down?

The electrical wiring was bad.

Did Jeff hardy turn bad?

yes he did, he took out his brother in a match

Has edge done all the bad things to Jeff hardy?

Nope it was Matt

What was Jeff hardy child hood like?

bad his mom died when he was 9

Why is Jeff hardy going to jail?

Jeff Nero Hardy was arrested on drug charges. i cant blame him he had a bad night he's WWE career is over is i hope he go's to TNA or some where

Can Jeff Hardy still go to jail even though he's in TNA?

Yeah if he did something bad enough and Jeff Hardy isn't in Tna anymore he is in WWE!!! You can go to jail anytime even if Jeff was in TNA, WWE, or at home. Jeff is in tna he signed a contract monday on impact.

Why did Jeff hardy is not in wwe?

He couldn't stop destroying his body with illegal drugs, and the WWE finally released him from his contract, and rightly so. Professional wrestlers are supposed to be role models, and Jeff Hardy was a very bad one.

Will jeffhardy comeback for WWE?

Sorry to say but Jeff Hardy will not return to WWE because Vince Mcmahon thinks he will do no good will his bad legs. Jeff Hardy actually joined TNA so you can watch him on TNA any time you want to.

Who attacked Jeff Hardy before Survivor Series?

I don't think Christian did it. I think edge will win at the royal rumble and face christian at wrestlemania. i think Jeff hardy will have his own storyline with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy has to do it because ratings with him have been really bad so there trying to make him a heel. Matt Hardy is losing to Swagger and then is going to take it out on hardy and cost him the title. then there gonna have a great rivarly with them

Is Jeff hardy back on drugs?

Jeff Hardy is currently going thorugh drug rehab therapy after he showed up in TNA in such bad shape that TNA stopped one of his matches 90 seconds into it and then sent him home. Yes Hardy was back on drugs but he is currently going through therapy to recover from them.

Is Jeff hardy bad in tna?

If you mean is he a baddie (heel) then as of October 2010, yes. He turned heel at bound for glory.

Can Jeff hardy still go 2 jail even tho hes in tna?

Yes He can. Bad Boy Bad Boy watcha gonna do when they come for You!!!!!

Do turkeys fart?

i believe every living animal, including humans fart. scientists show that your fart interacts with the food you eat. bad food= bad fart and more fart. good food= less fart

Why is Jeff harty in love with Beth?

To being with his name is Jeff Hardy not Harty! One of the many reasons he loves Beth is that she has stuck with him through the good times, but most importantly through the bad times.

What is taco fart?

A taco fart is something that makes you fart (really bad) from eating to mant tacos. The fart smells like tacos

How does your fart smell?

Bad, of course.

Does Jeff hardy have lung cancer?

NO But He Hss A Bad Chance Of Getting iT I sHOULD nO I'M His Biggest Fan Belive Meh I Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Am Ask Meh Anythin.

Will Jeff hardy return at the 2011 royal rumble?

No.He has currently joined TNA nd it doesnt looks like he'll come back to wwe any time soon. Jeff Hardy as of the end of 2010, is TNA's world champion. TNA has attempted to build Jeff as some kind of "savior" and is putting Jeff on a pedistal, giving Jeff the "King" treatment. Jeff is in some kind of "bad guy" image right now, leaving his "fan favorate" image with the WWE. I SERIOUSLY doubt Jeff will again leave TNA to reunite with the WWE as Jeff did some time ago.

How bad does a dragon fart smell like?

Really REALLY bad!!!

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