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Jeopardy has a team of writers and researchers for the questions and categories. Feel free to contact them because they will decide if your category suggestions have merit regardless of what was done previously.

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Q: Does Jeopardy accept suggestions for categories?
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What are some jeopardy categories?

Jeopardy! questions cover an encyclopedia worth of categories taken from Science, History, Pop Culture, Literature, Geography, etc... Examples of traditional Jeopardy! categories are: The Oscars, Literary Characters, Word Origins, and U.S. Presidents. Some of Jeopardy's categories with a twist are: Before & After, Rhyme Time, Stupid Answers, and Name's the Same.

What were the categories on Wheel of Fortune April 18 2012?

Jeopardy is the show with categories

How many categories are on the board in Jeopardy?

Common categories on Jeopardy focus on general topics such as history, geography, literature, food & drink and sports & entertainment. Other categories might be more specific, focusing on history of a certain country or an entire category devoted to one famous person. Then there are the novelty categories such as "Rhyme Time", "Names the Same" and "Stupid Answers."

How many squares are on the Jeopardy game board?

6 categories with 5 questions in both the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy round total 60 Squares

What categories can you have for a biblical Old Testament Jeopardy game?


What were the double jeopardy categories for April 27 2012?

All of the Jeopardy game is available in a record on the related link

What are the jeopardy subjects?

The Jeopardy! production staff has six researchers and 10 writers whose jobs are to create and assemble categories and questions for the series.

What are the five main categories for the game show jeopardy?

Jeopardy has many more than 5 main categories of its Questions/clues and the show itself could be said to have different parts or acts like an introduction , single , double , and final Jeopardy. There would also be when the winner is determined if that was the five you were asking about. They is also a commercial break as part of the single Jeopardy round

What was the Final Jeopardy for weekdays in November 2010?

Related link has the season 27 Categories question and answers for the Jeopardy by the air date of the orginal episode

What were all of the December 2010 Jeopardy final categories?

You can find the answer under the related question

What should you use for a Jeopardy board with questions about a book?

You should start your Jeopardy Board with a decision on the different categories that you will be using. You said it was a book and not a group of books or a category or series of books. It will be hard to find many categories with 5 questions in each category about a book, when you will need 6 categories for each round. You might start with a Wikipedia search on the book title. You can pick some of the characters in the book that you can also find 5 questions to ask and make them categories for your Jeopardy board. You might ask questions about the author in another category. Locations and events in the book can also be used as categories. Jeopardy uses facts to ask a question that lead to the answer. You can review and even search with a keyword an archive of the Jeopardy shows at the related link.

What were the second round Jeopardy categories on October 20 2009?

The categories in the Double Jeopardy! Round on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 were World Cities, The Comeback Kids, Poetry Time, 5 Other Senses, An End For "U" and "Me", and Famous Trials.