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no i think he likes dogs

yes he does of what someone told me

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Do you like Joe Jonas or not?

Yes...Joe Jonas is super cute!

Does Joe Jonas Like Popcorn?

Yes Joe Jonas enjoys popcorn

Does Nick Jonas like cats Yes or no?


Does Joe Jonas like kids?


Does Joe Jonas like NASCAR?


Does Joe Jonas like butts?


Does Joe Jonas like the name Ashley?

Yes he does. hi joe

Do Jonas brothers hate when you pretend to be them?

YES joe hates it the most because everyone is like I'm joe Jonas I'm 18 like we know it's not really joe Jonas.

Does Joe Jonas like girls?

Yes, Joe Jonas likes girls. He has dated many women in his past.

Does Joe Jonas like girls with extra?

yes he does

Does Joe Jonas like his banana shoes?

yes he does

Does Joe Jonas like tuna?

yes he does and so do i

Does Joe Jonas like the name claudia?


Did Joe Jonas like Demi Lovato?

yes joe Jonas did like demi but after a few days of dating, joe decided that it was better for them 2 stay friends.

Doe Joe Jonas like demi?

Yes Joe Jonas likes Demi Lovato! He wants to be the one for Demi. :)

Is Joe Jonas real?

yes Joe Jonas is real

What is Joe Jonas Irish?

Yes, Joe Jonas is Irish.

Do people like Joe Jonas better than Nick Jonas?

No,because Joe is gay. joe Jonas is not gay and yes most people that i know like joe way more than nick I agree with the second answer!! Joe is awesome and most of the people i know like Joe better

Joe Jonas like asians?

yes he does especially Filipinos

Does Joe Jonas like anime?

yes he looks at it everyday

Does Joe Jonas like girls who are funny and sweet?


Does Joe Jonas like to run?

yes he does he jogs everyday that he can

Do Joe Jonas like Justin bieber?

yes he does he is his freind

Did Joe Jonas move out?

yes he did, he moved out when he was like 20.

Does Joe Jonas like snakes?

yes, it is a fact that joe jonas' favorite animal is a snake. I am just curious on how you know the answer to this question.