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Q: Does John Cena have a boyfriend?
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Who is eve torres's boyfriend?

John Cena Her boyfriend is not John Cena he is married! she is dating one of the wrestling in development

Who is maria's real and recent boyfriend?

john cena

When did john cena and eve Torres started going out?

They are NOT dating, it is in the Storyline ONLY. John Cena is very happily married!!! Eve has a boyfriend in real life.

Is john cena single?

No, he is married.

Does john cena love kelly kelly now as a friend or as a girlfriend?

They were never boyfriend/girlfriend they have always been just friends. Cena is married.

Did john cena have a romance with Stacy keibler?

No, Stacy keibler's boyfriend is hottie Randy Orton

Is mickie James a tom boy?

no, she have a boyfriend and plus she use to go with john cena and batista

Is john cena eve Torres boyfriend?

yes they wouldent have made out if they werent boyfreind & girlfreind.

Is John cena bad?

No. John Cena is not bad. If John Cena was bad, he would not care about his fans. John Cena will always support his fans so John Cena is GOOD!!!!!

Is Juan Cena related to John Cena?

JOHN CENA and JUAN Cena are cousins

Who won the royal rumble in 2008?

John CenaJohn Cena

What is the nam of John cena?

john cena

How many children does john cena have?

John Cena does not have any children.

Who is Stronger John Cena or John Morrison?

john cena

Do John cena have a crush on somebody?

did john cena have sex with somebody and way did john cena do that to his wife like that that is so sad that john cena do that to her wow

Was John Cena a firefighter?

No, John Cena was not a firefighter.

Who is better HHH or John cena?

John Cena

When did John Cena die?

John Cena did not die.

Who is better John Cena or carlito?

John Cena

Who is better hbk or John Cena?

john cena

What is the full name of John Cena?

john cena

Who is better John Cena or eugene?

john cena

Does John Cena have kid?

No, John Cena does not have kids.

Who is stornger John cena or batiata?

John cena

Is John Cena 94?

No, John Cena is not 94.