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Josephus (see link below) writes that Herod had John the Baptist arrested because John had so many followers that Herod feared they might begin a rebellion. Herod later had him executed. However, he makes no mention of John the Apostle, especially in relation to his being married to Mary Magdalene. To the best of our knowledge, neither John was married and Mary Magdalene was not married.

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No, Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian, does not mention Mary Magdalene or her relationship with John the apostle in his writings. This idea is not supported by historical or biblical evidence.

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The Jewish historian Josephus does mention John the Baptist, thus providing extra-biblical evidence for his historicity. He does not mention either Mary Magdalene or the apostle John, son of Zebedee, and there is no first-century reference to either, outside The Bible.

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Q: Does Josephus say that Mary Magdalene was John the apostle's wife?
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Did Mary Magdalene know Judas?

It is possible that Mary Magdalene knew Judas as they were both followers of Jesus. However, there is no specific mention in the Bible of any direct interactions or relationships between Mary Magdalene and Judas.

What is the name of female apostles?

In the Bible, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joses, Joanna, and Susanna are sometimes referred to as female disciples or followers of Jesus, but they are not explicitly called apostles. There is no clear evidence of female apostles in the traditional sense of the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus.

Who are the saints connected with Mary?

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Why do you think the person painted Mary Magdalene in the picture with Jesus at the last supper and why is there on 13 people including Jesus Is Mary Magdalene suppose to be one of the 12 disciples?

No that is not Mary magadelene, it is John. As John was the youngest of the twelve disciples.

Who was Mary Magdalene's daughter?

Mary Magdalene had no children.

Did both Mary Magdalene and Mary the sister of Lazarus annoint Jesus feet?

Mary Magdalene was the sister of Lazarus.

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Mary Magdalene. The account is found in John 20, specifically verse 1 (where she is identified) and verse 15, where it's said she mistook Jesus for the gardener.

How many children did Mary Magdalene have?

To the best of our knowledge, Mary Magdalene had no children.

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How was Saint Mary Magdalene's life before becoming a saint?

Scripture tells us that Mary Magdalene was a sinner before she met Jesus and repented of her sins. Jesus drove seven demons from her. Mary became a loyal disciple of Jesus and frequently traveled with him and the apostles. She and her sister Martha occasionally entertained Jesus and the apostles at their home in Bethany and provided them with food and hospitality. Mary Magdalene was present at the crucifixion of Our Lord and also encountered Jesus in the garden after the resurrection and was the first of the disciples to see him.As per the Catholic Encyclopedia, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany and Mary the Sinner are one and the same. This view is not held by some Protestant denominations, however. Some say she was a prostitute but there in no scriptural evidence to support this and that view is not held by the Catholic Church.

What was Mary Magdalene's occupation?

Mary Magdalene was Martha's sister, not Jesus's mother.Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute who followed Jesus.

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