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Jupiter has astroids that look like rings, I think

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There are three rings I don't know about satellites

Jupiter is a planet that has over 60 satellites and rings that are not visible.

Yes. Jupiter has very faint rings, and 63 moons (or moonlets).

All the gas giants are known to have rings; Saturn's are by far the most prominent. As far as moons are concerned, Jupiter and Saturn are in a virtual tie; both of them have around 60 known satellites. ______________________ If you include artificial satellites, Earth leads the pack. With only natural satellites counted, Jupiter has more moons (63 and counting) while Saturn has most of the rings. Jupiter and Uranus have very small and dim ring systems.

Saturn has the most rings but Jupiter has the most satellites (moons) 63 known moons to date compered with 60 known moons of Saturn.

Jupiter has 63 moons or satellites.

the satellites explored jupiter is comets

Yes, Jupiter is the planet with the most satellites - 63 of them

Galileo saw the Dutches inventions [telescope] and decided to invent his own telescope, he discovered four [4] satellites [moons] of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn's that Saturn's rings are made of ice and broken satellites [moons] there over a [1000] of the rings.

The right answer is Jupiter with 63, however the technical answer could be Saturn as every one of the particles that make up Saturns Rings are technically concidered natural satellites.Jupiter has the most moons: 63!saturn easy answerJupiterJupiter has 67. Saturn is not far behind with 62.

What are the four largest satellites that Jupiter has

number and name of satellites around jupiter

Yes, Jupiter has a faint ring system. The rings are called:the halo ringthe main ringAmaltheaThebeThe last two are named for the satellites that are believed to contribute the dust that makes up that ring.

No, because rings are not satellites, but the moons are satellites.

No, Saturn is known to have more moons than Jupiter, though most of these are tiny moonlets orbiting in Saturn's rings.

Rings of Jupiter was created in 1979.

Yes, there are rings on Jupiter and Neptune, and sideways rings on Uranus.

Yes they do have natural satellites.

approximately 63 natural satellites are revolving around the BIG Jumbo "Jupiter".

Saturn is the only planet that has 3 rings and 16 satellites .....

Saturn is known for its rings as well as it have 62 Natural Satellites.

Yes, Jupiter has many satellites.

Jupiter doesn't have any rings, and Saturn has 2 rings.

it has rings but not icy rings

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