Does Jupiter not have seasons because it has no appreciable axis tilt?

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Would the Earth have seasons if its axis were not tilted?

Short Answer: Earth would not have seasons as we know them if the axis of the Earth did not tilt. Supporting Material: We experience seasons because of the tilt of Earth's axis, about 23 degrees, relative to the ecliptic plane. The ecliptic plane is the plane that contains the earth' ( Full Answer )

What is the tilt of Jupiter?

Jupiter has an axial tilt of 3.13 degrees. In comparison, the Earthhas an axial tilt of 23.5 degrees

Is Jupiter tilted on its axis?

The axial tilt of Jupiter is relatively small: only 3.13°. As a result this planet does not experience significant seasonal changes, in contrast to Earth and Mars for example.

The tilt of the Saturn's axis does it effect Saturn's seasons?

If Saturn's northern hemishere tilts toward the sun or the southern hemishere tilts toward the sun.Then really the axis does effect the seasons cause if the northern hemishere is tilted toward the sun , then it would be some kind of season. So, the axis of any planet always effects the seasons.. If ( Full Answer )

What seasons occur when earth isn't tilted on it's axis?

Technically, the earth's axis is always tilted. There are wobbles in the earth's spin that follow extremely long cycles and that wouldn't be part of our practical experience of earth's movement.. However, you are pointing to something interesting. While the tilt is still really there, there are two ( Full Answer )

What does the tilted axis do?

Everyone seems to know the axis of the Earth is tilted, but not that it is tilted relative to the Ecliptic which is the second vital piece of information. The third piece of vital information is that spinning of the Earth has a gyroscopic effect which ensures that the direction of the tilt relati ( Full Answer )

What happens because the earth's axis is tilted?

The Earth's axis is tilted 23.5 degrees relative to a line which is vertical to the Ecliptic (i.e. with respect to the flat plane of its orbit around the Sun). This tilt is the reason there are different Seasons. As the Earth orbits the Sun, both the length of the day and the angle of sunlight cha ( Full Answer )

At what degree is earths axis tilted during season change?

The axis of the Earth points towards the star Polaris (or almost). It points in that direction during your entire lifetine (or almost) it takes 23000 years for the axis to make one giant precession around a circle. During all this time the angle the axis makes with the ecliptic (the plane in which t ( Full Answer )

How does the tilt of earth's axis affect the seasons?

The tilt of earth's axis with respect to the ecliptic plane is the cause of the seasons. At any given time, the hemisphere adjacent to the pole tilted toward the sun is the one that experiences spring and summer, whereas the one adjacent to the pole tilted away from the sun is the hemisphere ex ( Full Answer )

What is some of the earth's seasons dealing with the tilt axis?

well, the tilt axis is around 23.5 degrees to the plane of the eliptic...,. and there are four seasons.. spring, summer, fall, and winter.. besides that, i can't remember what happens when the earth's tilt does change.,. ice age and something else(the warm up time)

Does a leap year occur because the tilt of the earth's axis changes?

No.. The leap year happens because it actually takes the Earth 365 and a quarter days to go round the sun. The quarter days are ignored most of the time but to stop the calendar going out of sync, an extra day is added every 4 years so everything adds up.. The tilt of the Earth causes the change o ( Full Answer )

Why do seasons occur when eath's axis is tilted?

The seasons occur because of the Earths tilt. This happens because of the angle at which the energy from the Suns rays travels through the Earths atmosphere.. During the summer, the hemisphere (north or south) is tilted towards the sun. For example, during the summer of the northern hemisphere, the ( Full Answer )

What axis tilt?

the world is on the axis and the axis is tilted. the axis runs through the north pole and south pole.

Seasons and tilted axis degrees JUPITER?

Jupiter's axial tilt is 3.13 degrees. Because the tilt is so small and Jupiter is so far from the Sun this makes no difference to the weather patterns.

Does the earth tilt on its side because of its axis?

The reason for the earth tilt is not fully understood, but it is generally believed it was caused by collisions with other planetary bodies during the earth's formation. It does not tilt because of its axis. The axis is an invisible line running from north to south through the center of the earth ( Full Answer )

What would the seasons be like if the tilt of the Earth's axis was less than its current tilt?

The seasons would not have as much variation in temperature. But the temperatures at various latitudes would be more severe than what we experience now. Hot climates would be hotter and cold climates would be colder, with less variation from minimum to maximum temperatures in the region. The Earth's ( Full Answer )

How does the tilt of the Earth's axis influence the seasons of the year?

Well your question deals with a rather complex and perplexing physical theory. Ill attempt to put this in terms we can all understand. Well then, the 5 seasons are directly affected by the average males erectile frequency. Now we all understand that erections are either more or less frequent based o ( Full Answer )

How Earth's tilted axis is responsible for seasons?

earths axis is responsible for seasons because if its tilted toward the sun then it would be summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern now if it was tilted away from the sun then it would be winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere

What would our seasons be like if earths axis were not tilted?

your season would entirely depend on where you live, at the equator, less of the sun, the further north or south you went, the more sun, colder and at the poles, you would have 24/7 sunlight at the poles, so basically if you had no tilt, life would evolve according to the environment of where it liv ( Full Answer )

A hypothesis for how the tilt of earths axis affect the seasons?

While the Earth revolves around the Sun, the axis is always pointed in the same direction, so the Sun's light hits different parts of the Earth at different angles. For example, in summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the top of the Earth's axis is pointed towards the Sun, so the light hits the Earth ( Full Answer )

Would the Earth have seasons if its axis had no tilt?

The Earth would not have seasons as we know them if the Earth's axis had no tilt. Even though the Earth's orbit is slightly elliptical that would not really produce seasons. Though the Earth would still be slightly closer (a few percent) to the Sun at some time of the year than at other times, th ( Full Answer )

How does the tilted axis make seasons?

As the Earth travels in its yearly orbit around the sun, in some seasons the axial tilt will cause the northern hemisphere to be tilted toward the sun while the southern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, and in other seasons it is the opposite. Whichever hemisphere tilts toward the sun gets mo ( Full Answer )

How is Earths tilted axis is responsible for seasons?

The Earth is like a top - or a gyroscope - the axis always points the same way ... toward the north star. As the Earth orbits the sun the axis sometimes points toward the sun (not directly, only 23 degrees from perpendicular) and sometimes (half a year later) away. When the "north" pole points t ( Full Answer )

What will happen to the seasons if the earth axis was not tilted?

There would be extrememe temperatures in different places of the world and probably not much difference in temperature in certain places. The equator would probably be deserts and blistering temperatures. The poles would be freezing, and probably be polor ice caps.

Why would there be no seasons if the earth wasn't tilted on its axis?

A season is the result of how direct sunlight is received over a part of the earth. Because of the earth's axial tilt (it does not spin perpendicularly to its orbit around the sun), the hemisphere receiving the most direct sunlight alternates between the northern and southern hemispheres. If the ( Full Answer )

How would seasons be affected if the earth were tilted on its axis?

Actually, the earth IS tilted on its axis. Earths tilt results in the seasons that we experience. A greater tilt would result in more severe seasonal swings, a lesser tilt would result in colder polar caps and hotter equatorial regions, with less severe seasonal weather changes.

Is earths rotation and tilts on its axis cause your season?

Yes the earths axis cases the earths its seasons. The tilt determines how much the content is exposed. The higher you will be exposed to less sun which causes it to be cold. Also which the bottom more closer you are to the bottom its cold. There is a imaginary line that splits the earth into two ( Full Answer )

How do the earth tilted axis causes the seasons?

Well it moves around the sun so the tilted side would on one side would get winter because they would be away from the sun, and the tilted side facing the sun would get summer, don't know how we get spring and autumn sorry.

Why does the tilt of earths axis create different seasons?

The Earth's orbit around the Sun is elliptical or oval shaped, however, the difference between the farthest point and the closest point is too small to make a difference. What really causes the seasons is Earth's axis. Basically, the Earth is tilted 23.45 degrees and although it isn't much, its make ( Full Answer )

What would happen if the earth's axis was not tilted during seasons?

If the Earth's axis were perpendicular to the ecliptic plane, there would be no seasons, and no change in the lengths of daylight and dark during the year. The sun would always be overhead on the Equator and never anywhere else, and the Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, and the Tropics of Cance ( Full Answer )

What degree would earths axis have to be tilted to cause no seasons?

The Earth is tilted at 23.4 or so degrees. At the equator there are very little in the way of seasons. The further north or south you go the greater the seasonal change. For no seasonal change the axis would have to be near or at zero degrees.

What planets' axis of rotation is tilted the most Jupiter mars venus or neptune?

In ascending order, the axis of rotation of all major bodies in our solar system is as follows: Mercury ~0.01 Moon 1.5424 Jupiter 3.13 Ceres ~4 Sun 7.25 (to the Ecliptic) Earth 23.439281 Mars 25.19 Saturn 26.73 Neptune 28.32 Uranus 97.77 Pluto 119.61 Venus 177.4 Thus Venus is by far the largest. I ( Full Answer )

How does earth's tilt on its rotational axis relate to the change of seasons?

Our axis is *tilted* about 23.5 degrees from our plane of, during our summers, the north pole is tilted *toward* the sun,and we get longer days, and more direct sunlight - heating thenorthern hemisphere. In the winter, it's the opposite effect, andwe get much shorter days (and longer nigh ( Full Answer )

Explain how earths tilted axis is responsible for seasons?

The Babylonians are credited with the first systematic astronomicalobservations. They used the concept of angles to describe thepositions of objects in the sky and they were the first to divide acircle into 360 equal degrees.

What would happen to the seasons if Earth's axis were tilted?

The Earth's axis IS tilted (by about 23.5 degrees from the plane ofits orbit), and that is what causes the seasons. If it were nottilted, there would be no seasons. If it were tilted more, theseasons would be more extreme. Without any tilt, the equatorial regions would be generally hotter,and the po ( Full Answer )