Does Justin Bieber wear his own perfumes?

Justin Bieber does not wear his fragrance line. His 'Someday' fragrance is supposed to be used for females not males. Justin Bieber made a female fragrance because he has more female fans than male fans. He has a mother so he knows that females like perfume and smelling good and half the females out there do like Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber said in an interview of his that he cares more about what a female smells like rather than what a male smells like. If Justin Bieber had more male fans I am pretty sure that he would make a cologne rather than a perfume. Justin Bieber doesn't wear his fragrance line because hes a male and males don't wear perfumes they can if they want but most of them don't. He wears all types of colognes but his favorite is Herrera for Men and his mother Pattie Mallette was in an interview and she said that was his favorite cologne.