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Yes, Kelly's Running Warehouse have a wide variety of running shoes and trainers as well as accessories and clothing. If there is a specific brand you want, you might want to check if they carry it.

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Q: Does Kelly's running have good trainers shoes?
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Are women Kelly's running shoes any good?

You can get them from woman from kellys running warehouse they have a great inventory of shoes. Please do so before the offer expires. Till then have a great day.

Which shoes are the best running shoes for women?

I would say that the best running shoes for you would be to go out and buy Ascis running trainers because their is a lot of good reviews out saying how good these shoes are to run in.

Where could I buy wholesale running shoes?

You can check out some running warehouses. one that I suggest is called Kellys Running Warehouse and the website is if you're interested in checking that out. It's a good site.

Does Kellys running warehouse sell good shoes?

In my opinion kelly s running warehouse sells very good shoes. Just because they are sharply priced does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Kelly s running warehouse stocks many of the big makes, ACICS, Adidas, etc. I think you will find that Kelly s running warehouse is the close-out division of Road Runner Sports which have always specialised in sports shoes including shoes for working out.

What types of ladies running shoes are best for marathon traning?

Also to consider is where the stream will be along the route - if its near the end then you will be OK with normal trainers. In my experience good trail shoes are about the same weight as normal trainers but where you might save the weight is if you get fell shoes - lighter and more able to shed the water.

What is the best shoe for the treadmill?

i suppose trainers with reasonably good grip..but they should be light to wear and pad your feet so try some light nifty netball shoes or road running shoes

Are Nike Lunarelite trainers good for running?

From my research of the Nike Lunarelite shoes, there are some good and bad review on this running shoes. My suggestion to you is go to the actual shoes store to try it on for yourself, if you feel comfortable then buy it, if not find something else.

Where can I find information on minimalist running shoes?

Rei has a wide selection of minimalist shoes . They have good reviews on the shoes and a good way to choose between shoes. There are a bunch of shoes that are good for running

Are Saucony ride 4 trainers suitable for marathons?

Yes, the saucony ride 4 trainers are very suitable for marathons, look good, and are easy to take on and off. Try consumer reports for the most thorough comparison of running shoes.

What are some good brands for running shoes?

Nike: Nike is one of the world's largest manufacturers of athletic shoes and apparel. Its running shoes are known for their innovative design, lightweight technology and various technical expertise. Adidas: Adidas is another leading sports brand that succeeds with its running shoes in terms of comfort and style. Boost technology is one of its acclaimed cushioning technologies. New Balance: New Balance's running shoes are popular for their wide design and superior support, and their Made in USA and Made in UK series are also popular. You can try sneakers from the WeeReplica website.

What are some good Mizuno cabrakan running shoes on sale?

There are some really good minzuno running shoes on sale all you have to do is just type mizuno running shoes then you get a great price. These shoes are really great for running.

Where can I buy Asics gel Kayano 16 trainers online?

A few good online websites to buy ASICS Gel Kayano 16 trainers running shoes is Another website to check is, or you can also try