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Yes, of course Krakatoa has a pyroclastic flow. Every volcano has an pyroclastic flow, which can travel up to at huge speeds. Krakatoa's pyroclastic flow raced an amazing 200 mph over 20 miles of open sea.

Yes Krakatoa has pyroclastic flows but not all volcanoes produce pyroclastic flows, only Mt. St. Helens type volcanoes usually composed of andesite. Kilauea for example does not produce pyroclastic flows because it is composed of basalt, the lava flows out easily.

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Krakatoa has produced both lava flows and pyroclastic flows.

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Yes it did. Look at some paintings of it.

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Q: Does Krakatoa produce lava or pyroclastic flow?
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What is more deadly lava or pyroclastic flow?

Pyroclastic flow.

What is the term for lava flow that travels downhill at over 100mph?

Pyroclastic flow

What volcano has pyroclastic flow in addition to liquid lava?

the volcano that has pyroclastic flow in addition to liquid lava is the composite or stratovolcano.

Does a pyroclastic flow typically occurs during an quite eruption?

No. A "quiet" eruption will produce lava flows. Pyroclastic flows generally result from explosive eruptions.

Are the hawaiian Islands a region or extensive pyroclastic flow?

They are a region. This islands themselves were formed primarily by lava flows. The volcanoes there rarely produce pyroclastic flows.

Does mauna loa have pyroclastic flow?

No. Mauna Loa is a shield volcano. It produces lava flows during its eruption but would almost never produce pyroclastic flows.

Does Lava flow faster from a violent volcano?

A violent volcanic eruption will produce pyroclastic flows, which are somewhat like avalanches of hot ash and rock, rather than lava flows. Pyroclastic flows are faster than any lava flow. When they erupt effusively, though, the lava is so viscous that it flows very slowly.

Is pahoehoe considered pyroclastic debris?

No. Pahoehoe is considered a lava flow. Pyroclastic debris consists of volcanic ash, pumice, and lapilli rather than lava flow material.

What are the similarities in a lava flow and a pyroclastic flow?

A lava flow is simply a flow of liquid rock down a slope that usually results from an effusive eruption. A pyroclastic flow is an avalanche-like flow of hot ash, rock and gas that moves down a volcano during an explosive eruption, The move much faster than lava flows and are far more dangerous.

Is block lava the same as pyroclastic flow?

No. Block lava is low-moving viscous lava, usually of andesitic or similar composition. A pyroclastic flow is a very fast-moving mixture of hot ash, rock and gas.

Is mtn etna explosive or quiet and lava or pyroclastic flow?

Mount Etna has had both explosive and "quiet" eruptions and has produced lava flows, lava fountains, and pyroclastic flows.

What type of lava flow does mount meakan have?

it has pyroclastic flow and has small eruptions of ash.