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Of course she cares! Lady Gaga is the kind of person that cares for all people, no matter their race, age, gender, etc. People crying makes her upset, and she'll want to go see what's wrong, and to make it better.

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Why did Lady Gaga cry?

lady gaga cried because they pocker face

What is a List of good jokes?

How do you make lady gaga cry? Poke her face (pokerface) How do you wake up lady gaga? Poke her face

Why does Lady Gaga cry when you poke her face?

She wouldn't cry if you poked her face! Unless you caught her eye... Then She'd shed a tear. Hope this helped!

How will a lady on bed cry?

if she feels emotional that she will cry

Why do teenagers cry at school to get attention?

Because they want people to care.

Is it normal for you to cry when your boyfriend is crying?

It's normal to cry when a love one is crying because people often feel the hurt of the people they care about.

Is it mean you don't care if you don't cry when he asks you to marry him?

No! You aren't supposed to cry if you love him! You're supposed to be overjoyed. Not all people cry when they're happy.

Why do you cry at the sight of someone else crying?

only some people cry. you do cause your heart goes out to them. i just mean you care, or it could mean that you are scared cause it means that you are going to cry when you find out what is making them cry.

Why do people cry when a child is born?

Many people will cry when a child is born. They cry because they are happy, it is not a sad cry for them.

Why do people appear to cry just before death?

They are leaving what they care about behind, The uncertainty of what will inhabit there mind as they cease.

Why people cry or laugh?

People can cry from sadness or happinese. People can laugh because your happy. people can also cry if they are really angery.

Can Dogs Laugh and Cry?

Laugh: I don't know Cry: I don't care Seriously though, I don't know if they can laugh... And the whimper, not cry

Who do people cry?

People cry because they are depressed and or very happy

Why sad people cry?

people cry to get out their pains and show their feelings

How tall is Lady from Devil May Cry and how much do she weight?

There are two women from devil may cry, be more specific?

What is the fear of seeing other people cry?

Some people cry when they see other people cry. In other words they don't want to cry. Then some people don't know what to say to people when they start crying.

Why do people cry?

The main reasons why people cry is because of physical or emotional pain. People cry when they are physically hurt or when a loved one dies.

Why doesn't he care when you cry?

he does care he just wont show you because he is scared that he wont be a man

How did the group areas act affect the black people's feelings?

It made them cry racism, like they always do. It's to get sympathy from people who shouldn't care about sympathy for them people.

Why do people cry of nervousness?

People cry of nervousness because they are insecure and emotionally unstable.

Why do humans cry when they're sad?

People cry do to what is going on.

Why do people cry at funerals?

people cry at funerals because there sad about that person passing away.

How did devil may cry get its name?

Devil May Cry got its name from a line that Lady said to comfort Dante during the end of DMC3. After losing Vergil in the Underworld, he came back to Lady, returning her rocket launcher, Kalina Ann, and stating that the demons were gone but will be back very soon. She looks up to him and sees what she never expected from a demon. Lady: Are you crying? Dante: It's only the rain. Lady: The rain already stopped. Dante: Devils never cry. Lady: I see. Maybe somewhere out there even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one. Don't you think? Dante: Maybe.

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