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probably not at her age but she would probably keep it to herself if she thought about it

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How many children does Lady Gaga want?

Lady GaGa has no children at the minute, but only she knows for sure how many she'd like.

Does Lady Gaga have a baby boy?

No, Lady Gaga has no children.

Does Lady Gaga have a kid?

No, Lady Gaga does not have any children.

HOW many babies does lady gaga have?

Lady Gaga has no children.

Is Lady Gaga a singer for children?

No, Lady Gaga is not for children. She has some reactions in her songs that are not nice, and she can also use swear words. Children shouldn't listen to Lady Gaga.

Has Lady Gaga have kids?

No, Lady GaGa is not married and does not have any children.

Dose Lady Gaga have kids?

No, Lady Gaga does not as of yet have children.

Did Lady Gaga have her baby?

No lady gaga has to children what so ever

Does Lady Gaga have childeren?

Lady GaGa currently doesn't have any children.

Has Lady Gaga got children?

No Gaga does not have kids.

How many kids dooes Lady Gaga have?

Lady Gaga currently does not have any children.

Is Lady Gaga maried?

Lady Gaga said she's never going to get married and never have children.

Is Lady Gaga pragent?

Lady Gaga is not pregnant. She said she's never going to get married and have children.

Has Lady Gaga had children?

No, she doesn't have and never has had any children.

Who is richer Lady Gaga or Oprah?

it's lady gaga if you want a proof you can read it in gaganews.com

Does Lady Gaga have a family with a husband and children?

No, Lady Gaga isn't married . She neither has a husband of child(ren)

Where can you find Lady Gaga pictures?

It depends if you want almost nude pics or modeling pics if you want nude pics type in lady gaga almost nude then if you want modeling pics type lady gaga pics

How do you dress like Lady Gaga?

if you want to dress up like lady gaga , nothing is too... "out there"

Does Lady Gaga want to have kids?

No. According to 99.7's Frenando and Greg, Lady Gaga is scared of kids and does not want to have them. Whoever asked this question, the next question you want to ask to complete your mission is "Why is Lady Gaga scared of kids?"

Is Lady Gaga a good girl?

Lady Gaga is not that bad but if this is for your children I recommend that you try to stay a way from her music VIDEOS!

Is Lady Gaga in a movie?

Lady Gaga starred in a short film in 2009 called The Gospel of Mark for Little Children.

What is in a georgian bathroom room?

lady gaga..................................... lady gaga....................... ra ra ahahah romaromama gaga hahaha want your bad romance

Do they sell Lady Gaga costumes online?

Lady Gaga will be a popular choise for girls this year. If you do not want to chance finding a costume at your regular retail store, try shopping online at www.costumecraze.com which has a good selection of Lady Gaga costumes, wigs and other accessories for children and adults.

Why did Lady Gaga want to be a singer?

Lady Gaga is a singer because ever since she was little she would sing :)

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