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No it isn't a wig. She used to have brown hair but people used to mistake her for Amy Winehouse, so she dyed it blonde. But in some of her videos for example: Poker Face and Beatiful Dirty Rich, She wears a wig or extentions.
She has worn wigs before, yes.

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Does Lady Gaga wear a wig on stage?

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Does Lady Gaga wear a wig in her videos?


Where can you get a Lady Gaga wig?

You can a Lady Gaga wig on

Does Lady Gaga wear a white wig?

not any more

Does Lady Gaga dye her hair?

Yeah she does, Lady Gaga original hair was born then she died it to blonde with highlights. But she does not wear a wig.

Is ladygaga wearing a wig in her videos?

Lady gaga does indeed wear a wig its because well, she just likes wearing one her real hair colour is brown if you go on google/images and type in lady gaga there should be a picture of lady gaga in brown hair :-) glad to help with your questions!

Does Lady Gaga wear her wig all the time?

Lady GaGa's real hair is the blond bob she is frequently seen wearing. Anything that is not the bob, is either extensions or a wig.GoGaGa!=== ===

Where can I find a wig for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume?

Lady Gaga has so many different wig styles to choose from. Check on the website, for a great selection of Lady Gaga wigs, costumes and more for children and adults.

Dose Lady Gaga wer a wig?


What does Lady Gaga look with out her wig?

Lady Gaga has naturally wavy, brown hair. As of current it is staright, blunt cut, with blunt bangs and silver-blonde hair. This is not a wig.

Are there any pictures of Lady Gaga without a wig?

probably, try going to google and then click images and then search "lady gaga without a wig" you will probably find what your looking 4!

Dose Lady Gaga were a wig?

mostly all female Celebrities wear wigs in video's for songs but when she go's out its her real hair

How can Lady Gaga wear a wig on stage and it doesn't fall off when she moves her hair really fast?

omg she isn't a man get it into your heads :@

Where can you get a Lady Gaga hair wig?

You can go to the official website of FashionTIY or the APP to browse for your favorite wig styles.

What size clothing does Lady Gaga wear?

Lady gaga wears a size six..

What colour wig does Lady Gaga wear?

she wears a blonde wig sometimes, but her hair is blonde and in a bob with bangs anyhow, she dyed her hair blonde because she kept being mistaken for Amy winehouse

Is Lady Gaga's hair real?

No, she wears wig's. Yes, she does have hair but she chooses to wear a wig instead as i said before. Lady Gaga has only ever not worn a wig when she was known as Stefani Germanotta and once and once only when she preformed on stage.

Why does Lady Gaga wear a meat dress?

she wore it for 1 of her openings but lady gaga is always lady gaga trying out new styles.

Does Lady Gaga wear socks?


Does Lady Gaga wear a wig and why?

No, she doesn't but her heair is very bleached blonde. She wears hair extensions in some of her work, she has shoulder length hair currently.

Where can you get a wig like Lady Gaga's in the video bad romance?

well I know where to get lady gaga wig from bad Romans well you can either get it from walmart or some where in the mall.

Why does Lady Gaga were a wig?

because she wants to look different all the time and she doesnt have time to comb her hair into a wig style.

Where did Lady Gaga get her wig?

She has wardrobes full of different wigs. She gets them made and costumized for her.

Does Lady Gaga wear Low-Crotch Capri Pants?

yes Lady Gaga does wearLow-Crotch Capri Pants

Why did Lady Gaga change her hair color?

Stefani Germonotta (Lady Gaga) bleaches her hair or wears a wig because people would mistake her for Amy Winehouse.