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NO! she's alive and thriving!

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lauren myracle does have children

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Q: Does Lauren Myracle have any children?
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Where does Lauren myracle live?

Lauren Myracle lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 children.

How old is Lauren Myracle?

Lauren Myracle is 48 years old (birthdate May 15, 1969 - birth name may be Lauren White)

How many kids does lauren myracle have?

right now none

What is Lauren Myracle's email address?

How many siblings does Lauren Myracle have?

Lauren Myracle has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. She is the oldest of the sisters and all of her brothers are older than her

Who are Lauren myracle parents?

bob and nana

Where was Lauren Myracle born?

She was born in Austin, Texas .

What is the setting of TTYL by Lauren Myracle?

The setting is on their computer

Will there be a fifteen by Lauren myracle?

It hasn't' t been said yet, but we all hope so. There is a Thirteen Plus One that I highly recommend. I <3 Lauren Myracle!

Time and setting of thirteen by Lauren myracle?

The setting is Atlanta Georgia and the time is today. I love Lauren Myracle's books! Especially the Winnie series. Lauren Myracle will also be making a Fourteen which will come out in either May or April 2010. Sadly, that will be the last book in the Winnie series.

How can you contact Lauren myracle?

You can visit her web site or you can email her at :-)

When was Lauren myracle born?

She was born in May 15 1969