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No, it is unix-based but Linux is a kernel not an operating system.Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Debian,and puppy Linux,ect. are OS's that use the Linux kernel.

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Q: Does Linux use the kernel of Unix?
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What is a The core of all UNIX and Linux systems is called the kernel?


What is the name of kernel in Unix Linux and Windows Vista?

As Unix isn't any particular operating system, there is no distinct name for the kernel. Different versions of Unix may have vastly different kernel structures. The Linux kernel is called, well, the Linux kernel. The Vista kernel is a continuation of the "NT kernel" designed for Windows NT 3.1.

What is the difference between ubuntu and Linux?

Linux is the name of a Unix-like operating system kernel. Ubuntu is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel.

Why was Linux written?

To create a free Unix-like kernel that other people could study and use.

The core of all unix and Linux systems is called the kernel?


Full name of Linux?

The Linux kernel is named for its creator, Linus Torvalds. The practice of appending an X was for Unix and Unix-like systems.

What type of software is Linux?

Linux is an operating system, like Windows, that runs on the Linux Kernel, which is based off of UNIX.

What is Basic concept of Linux?

The "basic concept" of Linux is a free and open-source Unix-like kernel.

Who created the Linux system?

In truth, there is no "linux system" per se'. There is the kernel, developed by Linus Torvalds, properly called "Linux" but a kernel alone is not a system. Most operating systems that run on the linux kernel are unix-like derivations, but not all.

What is the full form of Linux?

Linux is the full name of the kernel. It was created as a combination of the phrase "Linus' Unix", after the original author, Linus Torvalds.

Is UNIX based on Linux?

No, but Linux is based on Unix since Linux is a Unix clone.

What is the function of the Unix kernel?

The kernel is the lowest layer of abstraction in any OS, including Linux. It takes care of the core components of a system, and manages the hardware.

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