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Q: Does Lise Deharme have a Persian cat?
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When was Lise Deharme born?

Lise Deharme was born in 1898.

When did Lise Deharme die?

Lise Deharme died in 1980.

What has the author Lise Deharme written?

Lise Deharme has written: 'Les quatre cents coups du diable' 'Le chateau de l'horloge' 'Carole' 'Laissez-moi tranquille' 'Pierre de la Mermorte'

When was Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme born?

Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme was born on 1982-01-10.

What if your cat mother is a Persian but your cat is not a Persian?

then the father is not a Persian

What is the life span of a Persian cat?

The life span of a Persian cat is about 15 years.

What is a half Persian cat?

Half Persian & Half Human it's an Eygyptian Cat

How do you say 'Persian cat' in French?

A Persian cat is "un chat persan" in French.

What is the oldest cat breed?

the Persian cat

What is the Persian word for cat?

i am Persian and it is peechi, or gorbeh

What kind of cat call 'fluffy cat'?


What is the origin of the Persian cat?

Persian cats are from Persia (Iran).

What part of speech is Persian in Persian cat?

It is an adjective, as it describes what kind of cat you're referring to.

Is the hair of Persian cat unhealthy or bad for human?

It is the dander of a cat that can cause allergies in humans. The hair of a Persian cat can cause allergies.

Is a Persian cat a producer consumer or decomeposer?

Clearly, a Persian cat, like any animal, is a net consumer.

What is a good cat for people allergic to cat hair?

The Persian.

Akind of cat that has the letters prisnae?

A beautiful Persian cat.

What is the hairiest kind of cat?


What is the secret code for the webkinz Persian cat?

Every single webkinz code is different, even though it might be the exact same animal. So to get a Persian cat code, you must purchase a webkinz Persian cat.

Is the Persian cat breed closely related to the Ragdoll cat breed?

Persian cats and Ragdoll cats are in fact closely related.

What does the Persian Cat look like?

It's face is squished and it's really fluffy and kind of fat.If you want to know what a Persian cat looks like you need to go to Google and write in search "Persian cat"and then click pictures and then there is alot of pics of Persian cats.

What cat has hairy paws?

Persian cats

What cat starts with the letter p?


What type of cat is the smartest?

Persian Cats

Who is the biggest cat?

a Persian named meatball