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No it does not because Lord of D. protects dragons from Spell, Trap and Monster effects that specifically target them. Dragon Capture Jar is a general effect, not a targeted effect therefor Lord of D.'s effect would not apply.

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How do you get dragon invizimals?

you have to beat all the touraments the go to the places then capture the dragons

What are the names of the Five Dragons in YuGiOh 5D's?

The names of the Five Dragons are:Stardust DragonRed Dragon ArchfiendBlack Rose DragonAncient Fairy Dragonblack wing dragonlife steam dragonThe fifth dragon has yet to be revealed in the anime for some reason.he his now and there 6 dragons now as Leo become the 6th signer in 5d 142

What does a bearded dragon protect itself with?

There's no any bearded dragons.

Is power tool dragon one of the five dragons in Yugioh 5'ds?

No they are Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfeind ,Black Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon ,and Black-winged dragon* *Black-winged dragon becomes one after crow becomes a Singer. * Later Leo becomes a signer and Power Tool Dragon transforms to Life Stream Dragon making it six dragons

Why do bearded dragons attack?

i have a bearded dragon and they attack because they need to protect themselves and their family .

How do you catch dragons on dragon stable?

What you have to do is battle the opponent (dragon) until it's health is less than 10% of it's original health, then a caption should appear bellow the dragons battling that says something like, "Do you wish to capture this dragon?" or something like that. Then you click on that and then you have to come up with a name for your dragon, and there, you have a new dragon!

What the collective noun dragon?

The collective nouns for dragon are:a blaze of dragonsa doom of dragonsa flight of dragonsa wing of dragons

Collective noun for dragon?

The collective nouns for dragon are a flight of dragons, a weyr of dragons, or a wing of dragons.

Whats the beat card in Yugioh?

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

How do you get a legend dragon on Dragon City?

for legendary dragons you need rare dragons and for rare dragons you need hybrid dragons and for hybird dragons you need naturl elements

How do you get an armor dragon in little dragons?

Forest & Desert dragon should make an Armor dragon in Little Dragons.

Totally how many dragons are there in dragon city?

There is a total of nine dragons in the Dragon City.

Totally how many dragons are there in dragon city-?

There are nine types of dragons in the Dragon City.

What is the list of dragons in dragons mounts mod for Minecraft?

Ender Dragon, Aether Dragon, Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Ghost Dragon, Forest Dragon, Ice Dragon, Nether Dragon.

What is the name of the monster with five dragon heads in yugioh?

Five-Headed Dragon.

What are expired dragons in DragonVale?

Expired Dragons mean that they are no longer selling any more. They are expired. These are some of the expired dragons: Love Dragon, Peridot Dragon, Bone Dragon, Bloom Dragon, Sakura Dragon, and another one is a Clover Dragon.

What is the plural of dragon?

Dragons is the plural of dragon

How do you get a frostfire dragon?

In order to get a frostfire dragon you have to breed two dragons. One of the dragons has to be a cold dragon and the other had to be any dragon that has fire element.

If on your turn you summon a Lord of D and your opponent has Dragon Capture Jar do your dragons revert to their original positions?

Lord of D. only protects Dragon-type monsters from effects that target them. Dragon Capture Jar is a field, or blanket effect, it does not target the monsters it affects. So Lord of D. will do nothing in this case.

What are the best yugioh dragon cards to make an ultimate dragon deck?

blue eyes shining dragon

What is better in Yugioh black rose dragon or ancient fairy dragon?

It's Ancient Fairy Dragon.

What dragons make really cool dragons on Dragon City?

legendary dragons

Does John Topsell have real dragons?

Goodness, no! Firstly, You need advanced magic to capture or raise a dragon. Secondly, Dragons are VERY clever, and cannot be captured by non-magical humans. Dragons, Unicorns, phoenixes, etc, Cannot be caught without magic.

Why are dragons evil?

Dragons are not evil ,they are merely just trying to defend themselves because most humans are trying to either, kill or capture the dragon. Most species can tell the change of emotion and know your intentions.

What special features do dragons have?

Spitting fire in runescape is deadly without a anti-dragon shield which are weak but protect you from getting hit from a 300. Gl dragons are good money :D

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