Yu-Gi-Oh is primarily a card game, although it also has a TV show and several video games, all based around the card game. A lot of strategy is needed to play the game. Regional and worldwide official tournaments are held regularly and players need to be strategic to win.

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How do you play as master hand on one player?

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The Master Hand secret can be performed by doing these steps in two player mode:

Having two controllers, plug one controller in the third player slot while the other is in either the first or second player slot. The first/second player controller should pick their fighting character, while the third player controller should move their cursor down to the "Name Entry" option on their character slot. Put the first/second player controller on the "Back" option, then press A on both the controllers simultaneously. If the game does not freeze and goes to the level select screen, it was done correctly.

What is a red dragon?

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A Dragon is a legendary creature that has featured in many myths and legends. It has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout many cultures worldwide. It often has some reptilian features, and has been described as a type of lizard. ---- Some people would say that a dragon is a mythical creature that has no basis in reality. On the other hand other's might call a dragon a fictional character in stories or fables. However others would say that the dragon is a symbol for or archetype of beings who are old and wise and have great personal power. There might be real dragons it a good possibility Japanese people believe the myths, because if you go to Japan they have dragon prints everywhere. ---- More a force of nature dragons are belived to be fake and nothing more than fantasies. but of course they exist. how else would such legends come into being without a catalyst like dragons to spark them. some say that they have gone extinct from overhunting centuries ago. Others like myself belive that they still walk among us using the magic we have broken from to hide themselves and seem human. naww dragons are flying fire breathing creatures

How do you get all three starters on Pokemon sapphire without trading?

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1. You need safire, emerald, soul silver, or heart gold

2. What you do is as soon as you get to the first town

3. Now you need another ds [friends they might help]

4. Trade over the starter

5. You have to start the game over

6. The bad part is that you have to repeat 2-5

7. Finally your friend if he/she helped should have two starters

8. You will have the third starter

9. Catch two crap Pokemon

10. Then trade you friend the two crap Pokemon for the two starters

PS. try if you can to only teach the starters one TM it is annoying to go to move deleter then waste a hm

Where's best to sell your Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

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it depends on where you live. if america, then, if canada, sorry I cant help you there . i have the same problem in canada. Just saying, if you live in canada and you want to buy from toywiz, the shipping and handling is insanly expensive ( like $22 and up)

Does Yu-Gi-Oh Stardust Accelerator have a save file?

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This game does have a save feature, but not save files in the sense of having multiple profiles/ accounts.

What is the code for Egyptian god cards?

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There are many fakes but if they are real they are worth about $20 a piece Actually, no if it is real the card cards could be well worth over $150 a piece

How do i get blackwing's in Yu-Gi-Oh world championship 2010?

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Blackwing's are in the following decks-

Crimson Crisis

Ancient Prophecy

Stardust Overdrive

The following link will show you how to unlock all decks-

"NOTE" for the Whirlwind of Dragunity!! Pack u need to also beat Akiza 3 times at TURBO DUEL & NORMAL DUEL...

have fun

Are there Gameshark codes for yugioh the eternal duelist soul?

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Sorry but....I did not test them yet....I'm not part of this forum/site.... Well...I'm not even ENGLISH...I am a Brazilian boy named Jonatas... I got the Gameshark for that game but I didn't test it yet...I'l test it later because my mom is using the TV... are the codes: Mastercode



10 Cards When Moved to Trunk

#Must have at least 2 cards



Max/Inf DP



Have All Cards x9

#Press Select to Activate .. Activate after u have loaded your game save and u are at the menu

























*Draw Time Codes

Activator For Draw Time Codes







Player 2 No Draw



Player 2 No cards

#Give u Instant Win on Second Turn



That is all.....if it doesn't work....e-mail me okay? My e-mail: And my Windows live messenger address (MSN): Thanks ^^

Where can you buy cheap yu-gi-oh cards?

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A little while ago, I got it in a double pack with Rechef of Darkness for like $15 at target. They might have it at your target.

How do you collect 100 percent of the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009?

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use this deck:


Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Caius the Shadow Monarch x3

Raiza the Storm Monarch x2

D.D. Survivor x3

Morphing Jar

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Spirit Reaper

Soldier of the Mist Valley

Cyber Valley x2

Summoner Monk x2

Krebons x2

D.D. Scout Plane x2


Dimensional Fissure x3

Enemy Controller x3

Allure of Darkness x2

Mystical Space Typhoon

Emergency Teleport

Reinforcement of the Army

Brain Control


Solemn Judgement x3

Macro Cosmos x2

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Torrential Tribute

Mirror Force

Extra Deck(10):

Stardust Dragon

Colossal Fighter

Red Dragon Archfiend x2

Thought Ruler Archfiend x2

Black Rose Dragon

Goyo Guardian x2

Iron Chain Dragon

How do you get Rainbow Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008?

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In the world of Order, defeat each duel spirits there five times and you will unlock the booster pack "The 7 Crystals". "Rainbow Dragon" is an Ultra Rare card in that pack.

How can you complete the guitar star challenge in the sims 3?

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First go to the theatre then get the job there. you have to learn your guitar skill to get promoted faster and faster but when you work you have to selected the work hard then when you get to a certain level you get to chose if you want to be a rockstar career or sometin else but you have to take the rockstar career then you keep getting promoted then your a rockstar then you can do kool stuff like ride in limo's.

How do you tell if a Yu-Gi-Oh god card is fake?

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Authenticity of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards well first things first, look for the hologram at the bottom right corner, then look at the back of the card, for e.g. the back of the card would be blue for Obelisk and reddish for Slifer and yellow for Ra, then another thing to look for is that it doesn't have 1st edition on it, you cannot get a 1st edition god card, then look just below the cards art at the right, it should say GBI-001, GBI-002, GBI-003, if it has that it means that card came with the Japanese game boy advance game, there are other versions like magazine versions though i forget them, Ra came with an X box game. Then look at the very bottom left of the card, it should have Japanese text. So there you go all the signs to look for, O and there are no variant god cards (different looking pictures of the gods on card).Actually there is a new tournament legal Obelisk card, it came with an issue of U.S. Shonen Jump, it's an effect monster, so the back looks like any other card. (hence why it's tournament legal, among other reasons.) On the picture at the bottom right there is a signature saying "Kaz" signed by kazuki takahashi, the creator of yugioh, it is still hollow, the effects are the same, and instead of blue the card is orangish (like a normal effect card.). The picture of obelisk is also a little different, but the name is the same. I'm sure you could find a picture of it. Also you might want to check the ones from the legendary collection because although they look authentic apparantly the can be fake.

What is the best yu-gi-oh structure deck?

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In my opinion, the best Structure Deck is Dragons Roar. It is a simple deck, based on the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon with Armed Dragon support and a few smart spell and trap cards thrown in. Very easy to tailor it to your own style, and being a Dragon deck (dragons seem to be quite popular) it is easy to find the cards that suit your deck from the couple hundred of dragon cards that are out there. I started with this deck, it taught me about strategy, and how to win with effects, rather than just winning by superbly high attack.

The best deck is the Surge of Light deck. When Neo-parsah is summoned, with the help of the field card "Santuary of Light", it can do damage differences between its attack and the defense of the opponent's monster. Not only that it can raise its attack by the difference of the life points of the players. Other monsters in the deck have high attack power and pretty good effects, despite their low levels.

How do you download king of fighters wing 99'?

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There is no full version. They're making it piece by piece.

What is the best card in Yu-Gi-oh?

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Because the effects of cards are so varied and are used in such different ways, there is no "best card" - any card you care to mention could be easily defeated by several others, they could be defeated quite simply in turn, and so on true because any thing can be defeated exept for maybe ra because he cant be effected by the effects of your opponents spell and trap cards

Action replay ds subscription sites?

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Most of them are on the internet. I'm not sure if my subscription will work for you but here is the link:C:\Documents and Settings\mf\My Documents\Action replay\Pokemon diamond.xml. All codes work execpt mystery gift code. the name of my subscription is pokeunivese. Have Fun

Here are some Subscriptions from


Animal Crossing: Wild World DS
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Call of Duty 4 DS
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Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
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Pokemon Diamond DS
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Pokemon Pearl DS
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Super Mario 64 DS
Subscription URL: --- Version 2.00


Please view the following Subscriptions from our partner, DSUltimate:

Bowsers Action Replay DS Codes

Tiger21820's Action Replay DS Codes

0204 Super Mario 64 DS Action Replay Codes

Winged Yoshi's Codes for Super Mario 64


Is it possible to get stardust dragon in yu-gi-oh 5ds 2010?

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Yes, Stardust Dragon can be obtained in "The Duelist Genesis" booster pack, or as a gift from Yusei Fudo after defeating him an undesignated number of times in a Duel.

Where can you get a real Blue eyes tyrant dragon card?

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No, no real card of that name has ever been printed.

Which were the most popular toys in 1997?

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Hot Wheels and Legos

The Barbie Doll was the most popular toy in 1997!

Tamagotchi and Nano Pets

Teletubies, Tamagotchi, Star Wars Monopoly, Action Man Skydiver, Baby Expressions, Tickle Me Elmo, Get set Chocolate Factory were popular toys that were given awards.

Barbie was also another as well as Spice Girls Merchandise and Laser Pens

What is the order in a card deck?

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in any order baby

What channel is yu-gi-oh on direct tv?

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channels 296 and 297

When is yugi mutou's birthday?

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June 4th.

What do you tribute to summon cheer ghost dark master?

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It's a fake card, it's not real.