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What did Chinese people believe was more important than the individual disadvantages?

the family

What did Chinese people believe was more important than the individual?

The Chinese people believed that the family was more important than the indivudual.

Did Democritus have more people believe him or did Aristotle?

Aristotle had more people believe him

What did Machiavelli believe about dictatorships?

Machiavelli believed that all governments required an institution like the Roman dictatorship. More importantly, he believed that the laws of a nation provide for such a position in a time of crisis, instead of it being imposed on a nation against the laws.

Was the enlightenment thinker who had the idea of republican government?

I believe Machiavelli is the answer. Though the term is much older and dates to Roman and Greek thinkers it began it's more current meaning from the writings of Machiavelli who used it to describe the states of Northern Italy, which were not monarchies.

People who believe in more then one god?

People who believe in more then one god are polytheistic.

What is High Machiavelli and low Machiavelli?

High Machiavelli and Low Machiavelli relate to scores that a person receives on the Malch IV test. Basically a test of Machiavellianism the higher the score the more Machiavellian the person who took the test is the lower the less Machiavellian.

Are there any individual people working on global warming?

There are more individual people WORKING on this situation than you can possibly imagine.

What did the Machiavelli think of people and what did he suggest?

Machiavelli lived in the 14 and 1500s and as a philosopher he advised rulers in his book The Prince(1532) that they were more effective leaders if they ruled their people by fear. "It is better to rule by fear than by love." Although it seems cruel, which was what he was suggesting, many rulers followed his advise.

Why did so many people believe in witches and witchcraft?

The powerless are prone to believe in the supernatural. If people around you believe something, you are more likely to believe it.

Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas More were famous what during the Renaissance?


How does federalism affect the individual rights?

Federalism actually gives people more rights. The federalist philosophy gives more power to the individual states so people have more say in laws and regulations.

How important is the family to the individual?

The answer to this question all depends on the individual. Some people value family a lot more than other people.

What are the classical conservative values?

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. The individual, not the government, is responsible for individual actions. All government should be limited and be representative of the people. They believe in free market economy, individual liberty, traditional values and morals, and a strong national military for defense. The role of the government is to protect the freedom of the people so that individuals can pursue their own goals and desires. The emphasis is on the state to solve its own problems and for the individual to solve his/her own problems. APEX expanding laws so police have more law

What country has more people china or russia?

I believe China has more.

Why Aristotle believe in geocentric?

because he thought that if more people believe in the geocentric model then his theory would but correct. because he thought that if more people believe in the geocentric model then his theory would but correct.

If your emo can you believe in god?

It is your choice to be who you wanna be and believe what you wanna believe,but more emo people that I come across,do not believe in god.

Do people believe in ghost or does more pelope not believe in ghost?

I personally think that there are more non believers than believers.

An individual is more likely to report a crime than a group of people. What is this phenomenon called?

(Apex Learning) The bystander effect.

People who believ in more than one god are?

People who believe in more than one god are .

Are people who don't believe in Christ more evil?


Are white people more intelligent than black people?

Race has nothing to do with the intelligence of an individual.

What is More Religion?

A group of people who believe that more is good less is bad.................

Did niccolo Machiavelli kow more than one language?

Yes, he spoke Italian.

Which book does more people like ripleys believe it or not ot strange but true?

Ripley's Believe it or not!