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Q: Does Madison pettis have any webkinz if she does maybe you and her can be bff?
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Is Corbin Bleu Madison Pettis' brother?

No, Corbin Bleu is not Madison Pettis' brother. They are not related in any way.

Does Madison pettis has any friends?


Does Madison Pettis have any brothers or sisters?

She has an older brother

Is there any Disney star who was born in 1998?

Madison Pettis

Are any celebs eleven?

yes madison pettis 4 example

Is there any kid actress better than Madison pettis?

yes. many

Are there any pictures of Madison pettis's parents?

yes ther are pictures of her and her daddy ;)

Does Madison pettis have any siblings?

She has an older brother named Phillipe and a older sister named Tiffany.

Are there any 11 year old actors?

yes, there is Madison pettis from Cory in the house and Game Plan

Are there any Webkinz files?

No not yet maybe in a couple of years

Can you make a list of celebrities with webkinz maybe we can all be bff?

ummm i doubt there r any clebs with a webkinz account!

Does Dakota Fanning have any webkinz?

She's 15, maybe from fans though.

How many girlfriends do Jaden Smith has?

Jaden smith does not have any girlfriends, but rumors are going around saying that he might be going out with Madison pettis, but you know this can be highly unlikley!

Does Alyson stoner have any webkinz maybe you and her can be friends username to get on your best friends list thing on webkinz?

Alison Stoner does not have a webkinz account. She is a little old for it and would not have time to get on anyway. Sorry

Will Madison pettis be in any movies coming up?

Yes, the movie, "The Cheetahs' Apprentice. " & "The Owl with the kids who loved most" (she plays a girl known as 'Caitlin' or 'Katie' )

Does Madison pettis have any sisters or brothers?

She has a brother, if you watch her on youtube from being on Ellen's show, her brother surprises her by coming back from Iraq? from being away for a while. it was so cute

Are they going to make any more episodes of Cory in the house?

well, doesn't look like it, its been it's been almost 9 years and madison pettis is a teenager now not a cutie pie

Are there any webkinz tigers that you can buy in Maine?

not sure cause i don't live i Maine but you can go online and get it shipped to Maine or you can go to the store where you usually buy webkinz and see if the clerk can order them and maybe get a shipment of them

Is there any webkinz kinzcash cheats?

Sadly, there are no Webkinz cheats on Webkinz. But if you do find any, do not use them because you will be banned from Webkinz. Please add me on Webkinz! My username(s) is duckiedude95 or taylordanielle95. Add me!

Are there any webkinz in Egypt?

No, there are not any webkinz in Egypt for the following reasons 1.All webkinz are in America, not in any other contenent. 2.Even if there were Webkinz in Egypt, they would melt because of the heat.

Do you have to have a big Webkinz in order to bring a plus Webkinz to life?

no any webkinz will do

Can you get a Webkinz code?

Get any kind of real webkinz product or a webkinz plush and you will get a code.

What are easy cheats on webkinz?

Webkinz does not have any cheats.

How do you talk to Madison pettis?

well i don't think theres a easy chance for it to happen u have to do something outragous and she does be ur self u don't need her :) not saying any thing bad because i a a big fan of her

Do you have any pictures of the beaver webkinz?

i don't have a picture but go on google then type new webkinz then it will say upcoming webkinz, new webkinz , future webkinz