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yes because ....... it is prone to flood

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Q: Does Marilao Bulacan lies within or near the marikina fault line?
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Areas in Marikina within the fault line?

The Marikina fault line passes through the Philippines including the cities of Makati, Marikina, Paranaque, Pasig, and Taguig. Scientist believe the largest threat, however, is to Manila.

Is there fault line in Batangas province?

The Marikina Fault line is located within the Batangas province. This province is also home to the Taal Volcano.

Does San Jose Del Monte Bulacan lies within or near the fault line?


How many active fault line are in NCR?

Due to this, many people are afraid of a major earthquake along Marikina Fault. Thankfully, PHIVOLCS drew maps of Marikina Fault, which shows where the fault lines are. Based on a PHIVOLCS documents, Marikina Fault passes through Laguna, Muntinlupa City, Quezon City, Montalban (Rodriguez) Marikina City, San Mateo, Pasig City and Taguig City.

What area in bulacan near in fault line?


Is bulacan near along the fault line in the Philippines?


Marikina fault line extends to binan?

Yes, the Marikina fault line has extended to Binan. This has been attributed to various geographical and physical factor. The area is therefore unsuitable for human settlement.

Why is Marikina City dangerous to live in?

because it has many fault line..,,,,

Is Bulacan along the fault line?

i dontn know but more or less yes beacuse Philippines lies along a fault

What is the distance of marikina fault line from batasan hills?

The fault line can be traced across Batasan Hills. So in some areas, the distance is zero!

Does carmona cavite has faultline?

Yes. Valley Point System, or the Marikina fault line, ends in Carmona Cavite.

Is your qc house under the fault line?

No, the QC house is not under the fault line. The QC house is the Quezon City house and the closest fault line is located in Marikina Valley. Quezon City is located in the Philippines.