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An interesting feature of Mars is that there are volcanoes on its surface. There are also different types of erosion, canyons, and dust storms.

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Q: Does Mars have any interesting features?
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Does planet mars have any interesting features?

yes, many.

Does Mars have any special features?

no there are no special features found on mars...

What are some interesting features of Mars?

Mars has a ravine which is the first ravine found on a different planet.

Are there any interesting features for an ape?


Are there any notable features on Mars?

Nic Olymipiks is the largest mountain on Mars

Is Mars interesting?

Yes Mars is very interesting

Does mars have any distiguishing features?

It is red and if you're stargazing it is large

Does Mount Everest have any interesting features?

There are lots of interesting features on Mount Everest like: The Hillary Step The Second Step The Khumbu Icefall The Summit

Unique features of Mars special features of Mars.?

Mars has the largest volcano (Olympus Mons) and largest canyon (Valles Marineris) in the entire Solar System. It has the thinnest atmosphere of any planet that has an atmosphere.

Are there any must see features on mars?

the solar systems biggest volcano

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Does mount Vesuvius have any interesting features?

shut up man have sex

Does Mars have rings or any other unusual features?

There are many unusual features of the planet Mars. The planet is known for its unusual color of rust. The planet also has huge volcanoes.

What is one interesting thing about planet Mars?

There is water on Mars.

What are the special features of Mars?

Mars has a variety of special features. Some of these include its red appearance (from the iron-rich minerals), as well as its high mountains (highest of any in the solar system).

What are some unusual features on Mars?

mars has volcanoes

Does the earth have any interesting features?

The planet Earth has lots of interesting features. The human race lives on the planet Earth, as do many other interesting species. There are also interesting geographical features. Niagara Falls is quite impressive, for example. SO are under water volcanoes that create islands like Hawaii

Which planet is the most interesting?


Something interesting about Mars?

its red

What are the features of mars?


Does mars have any unusual features?

Mars does have a few unusual features. Some include its red color and polar ice caps. There are also areas of this planet that change color which is a unique feature.

What are the physical features of Mars?

Olympus Mons may be the largest volcano. It is big as the state of New Mexico. Mars also has ice caps, volcanoes, canyons and four seasons! There is also interesting craters and rocks.

Has anybody found anything really interesting on Mars?

Is there anything instersting about mars

Most interesting planet?

The current most interesting planet is Mars, then Jupiter.

What is the most interesting moon on Mars?

it is deimos